PSHP Notes for 11.25.2020

Thoughts on this Spring.

Hello PSHP families,

Happy Thanksgiving to our blessed families of Play and Sing His Praises.
I was hoping to have a plan to start up in February but as November 19,
Asbury is only doing on-line services and no in-person gatherings.  So I
don’t have a definite start date yet.

So here are my general thoughts for restarting, whenever that is:

Classes offered: 

All  6 Orchestra classes, (including harp),  all Band
classes (except for Recorder and Select Wind Ensemble), some high school
theory in person.

Most students will remain in the same class they were in
as of March 2020.  Masking will be required while you are at Asbury.  There
will not be a place for families or siblings to gather inside at Asbury.

Classes offered on-line: 

Some theory classes.

Classes not offered until Fall of 2021:

Choir classes, Guitar classes,
Recorder class, as well as in-person theory classes for non-high school age

Thank you for blessing me with the gift of music.  I look forward to the day
it will be safe for us to gather in large groups again.