PSHP Notes: 10.21.2022

Hello PSHP Families,
Please see below for notes for both this week and at the bottom for the near
future events.
Newly added are dates for Senior Pictures and Sibling Photos.

Hall Monitors for October 21, 2022
(Meet at the Information Table for more instructions)
8:45-11:00       Sam Snow, Cheryl Evemy
11:00-1:00       Amanda Kotlarczyk, Melissa Kimmons
12:45-2:45       Amanda Gann
1:45-3:45         Hollie Marling

NOTES for Friday, October 21, 2022
1.      Friday is another busy day at Play and Sing His Praises:
*         Last day to order PSHP T-shirts.  We will do another order in
February .
*         Hand Me Around.  Bring clothing items, music or book items to give
away.  You many bring any amount and take any amount as we bless others.
Tables in the Fellowship Hall with signs will be available to put out your
items on in the morning or whenever you bring them.
*         Friends Meeting at 12:10 upstairs in Room 203.  Bring your lunch
if you want.
*         Parent Mixer at either 10:00 or 2:00.  Meet at the Information
Table.  There will be handouts of PSHP Information  which can be especially
helpful for new families.  This is a good time to come ask any questions!!
*         All Theory Teachers (both adult and student) will have a meeting
in Room A150 across from the music library from 12:10-12:35. Bring your
lunch with you if you want to or have a 12:45 class.
2.      Parking lot issues: The building construction workers had to move
their supplies to the end of the drop off line aisle.  You can still drop
off under the covered walkway, but you will have to turn around to exit the
parking lot.  This could cause some extra congestion.
3.      Please be sure to sign up to be Hall Monitor for 3 shifts (2 hour
shifts). The sign-up sheet is at the information table.  The hall monitors
walk around inside the building and keep order:  check on students running
around, no students mingling in the stairwells, etc.
4.      Your fees include two hours per week. If your child can not take
their theory class at the regularly scheduled time due to a scheduling
conflict, please plan on attending an Independent Theory Class.  There are 3
choices for this class:
*         12:45   Room 210-211
*         2:45     Room 205
*         10:00   Wiggle Room off of the Sanctuary
5.  Music that has been ordered will be delivered to classes soon. Some of
the music is still on backorder.
6.  High School girls in advance classes will need to order a concert dress
if they did not order one already. See Hannah Hood for more information or
check at the Information Table.
7.  Photo Information for Photo Days at Fassnight Park on Friday, October 28
and Friday, November 4:  Sign up for a time below.  Seniors sign up for 30
minutes, others sign up for 15 minute slots.  Please try to avoid class time

Please see attached item for ordering information.

PSHP Student Picture Ordering Info

8.  Pizza Sign Up for Pizza Day on Friday, October 28.  Deadline to order is
Wednesday, October 26.  Slices are $1.25 per slice.
9.  Teacher Luncheon Sign up for all adult PSHP teachers to reserve their
spot for lunch on Friday, November 4.  Deadline is October 31.
Student Notes
1.      Please check your weekly assignments on Gibbon.
2.      Bring a pencil to all of your classes. Everyone will need a pencil
with their music or in their music folder, as well as for their theory
3.      No running inside the church please.

CHOIR rehearsal links for music to listen and/or rehearse with
Mezzo/Singers playlist link:

Concert Choir/Bel Canto playlist links:
The tracks are at
There’s also a YouTube playlist with the songs at

PSHP T-shirt Sales
Orders for PSHP T-shirts will be going through Friday, October 21.  The
shirts will be here the first part of November.  Last day to order is  this
Stop by the Information Table to see the options for short sleeve t-shirts,
polo shirts, or hoodies.
These also make good Christmas presents.
We are using the same design as last year and will put in another order in

Last Year’s Yearbooks
Last year’s yearbooks are here and will be at the Information Table.  Each
book that was ordered has your name on the back of the book.  Please be sure
to take the right book.  People at the Information Table will cross your
name off of the list.

Yearbook Class for this Year
Yearbook class will meet tomorrow at 12:10 in Room 210-211.  We are still
looking for some more students to help with Yearbook.  Please show up at
12:10 to Room 210-211.

Notes for Gibbon Website
1.      Emails in the future will be coming from Gibbon. Please add the PSHP
email to your folder so it does not go to your SPAM folder or junk folder.
2.      Log into Gibbon to see your class schedule, assignments, etc.
3.      If you don’t have your Gibbon login or have any Gibbons quesitons
email Le Ann Price at
4.      Families that were registered in Gibbon last year, should be able to
log in and add siblings. Don’t worry if you have trouble with Gibbons, as we
have been having trouble also!

Looking Ahead
Hall Monitors for October 28, 2022 (Meet at the Information Table for more
instructions)  Notebook was left at Asbury so I don’t have this information.

1.      Sibling pictures and Senior Pictures will be available on Friday,
October 28 and Friday, November 4. Watch for more details.