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Theory: Beginner Violin Theory 2 Assignments for 10.26.2018

Theory: Beginner Violin Theory 2 Class, Great job this week! You all are so smart! For rhythm this week we wrote in the counting for lesson 3 lines 1-3. Please […]

Orchestra: Younger Beginner Violin Assignments for 10.28.2018

Younger Beginner Violin Practice all pieces on pages 8-9.  Look ahead at page 10 and try some notes on the A string!  Ticket challenge:  make sure you have short nails!  […]

Bach Theory Year 2 Assignments for 10.26.2018

Bach Theory Year 2 We are continuing to review and should finish with that next week. Please make sure you have completed up to page 19 in your theory book. […]

Guitar: Younger Beginner Class Assignments for 10.26.2018

Younger Beginner Guitar Playing class: Awesome work today! You all did great. Please practice our finger exercises and the two new Christmas songs. For extra credit, tell me next week […]

Theory: Singers Theory 1 Assignments for 10.26.2018

Singers Choir Theory 1: Rhythm Lesson 1 finish 1-5 Theory Lesson 5 review Sing On Sight page 7

Theory: Mezzo Theory Year 1 Assignments for 10.26.2018

Mezzo Choir Theory Year 1: Rhythm Chart 4 #1-10 4/4; 3/4; 2:4 Theory Time Lesson 4 pages 10-11 Patterns of Sound Page 4 finish 4-6 and sight sing

Theory: Concert Choir Theory Assignments for 10.26.2018

Concert Choir Theory: Rhythm Chart 4 #1-10 4/4; 3/4; 2/4 Practical Theory 1 Lessons 9-10 Practical Theory 2 Lesson 34 Patterns of Sound page 4 sight sing Page 5-6 fill […]

Notes for Friday: 10.19.2018

Notes for Friday, October 19, 2018 Hall Monitor 8:45-11:00       Linda Maes, Angela Wheeler 11:00-1:00       Cindy Faust, Crystal Ferguson 12:45-2:45       Amanda Gann, Noelle Burgess 1:45-3:45         Twyla Willingham Parent and Student Notes for October 19, 2018 […]

Invitation to a Free Master Class and Free Concert by Flutist Dr. Danilo Mezzandri on 10.19.2018

I wanted to invite you and your students to join us next Friday, October 19th at SBU.  Brazilian flutist, Dr. Danilo Mezzadri will be presenting a free master class at […]

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