PSHP Notes for Friday, March 24

Hello PSHP Families and Students

I would like to thank the PSHP Friends, under the direction of Andrea McCotter, Casey Hrycyk, and Julia Guthrie, for their planning of our FUNdraiser Carnival.  What a fun afternoon while we raised $2,500 for PSHP.  Some of our dreams are to repair a string bass we have and to look into purchasing a baritone for the band.   Thank you again for those that donated, cooked, and attended our event.

We are gearing up for Contest on March 31 with beautiful music!!  Please save the whole day on March 31 as the schedule will be a warm-up and performance time in the Sanctuary with the judges  These will be scheduled one performing class at a time from 8:00 to 5:00.That schedule will be out by March 17.




  1.   PSHP T-shirts and PSHP graduation shirts will be on sale for the next 3 Fridays-February 24, March 13, and March 10.  Prices and color examples will be at the Information Table.
  2. Stop by the Payment Table to sign a card for the businesses who donated to our FUNdraiser.



  • Check out the Lost and Found Items in front of the Sanctuary Doors.  Julia Guthrie will be taking pictures of the lost items and posting them on the PSHP families Facebook Page.  The Lost and Found items will be given away after March 10, so please check over the growing pile for any lost items.
  • New idea:  Please bring any homemade goodies or store bought goodies to sell at the Coffee Bar each Friday.
  • Please reserve the space behind the Information Table only for those people who are signed up to work.  These ladies are busy planning and checking on things each Friday.
  • Contest Friday, March 31   SAVE ALL DAY FROM 8-5.  Times will be announced in March.

            Schedule will be all day to get all 23 performing classes in the Sanctuary.

            Each performing ensemble will have their picture taken for the Yearbook, directly after their performance

  • Renovare Bible Book Club will be at 10:00 in the Minister’s Office at the end of the south hallway   This is open to anyone adult who is interested.  Come check it out!!  Tom Vansant, Asbury’s minister, will be leading this.  They will start with the book Learning Humility by Richard Foster and is a 6-7 week study through Friday, March 24.

Friday, February 24

Hall Monitors  (Bring a snack for the Coffee Bar to sell, if  you can.  All proceeds benefit PSHP)

8:45-11:00       Leah McNack, Aulia Pardue

            11:00-1:00       Debbie Freeland, Angel Townsend (11-12)

            12:45-2:45       Kim Kirschner

1:45-3:45         Laura Smyer

Announcements for February 24

  • Most of the music that was ordered in December or January has arrived.  Come to the Payment Table if you are missing any music.
  • We will have a time for make-up picture day on the same day as Music Contest on March 31.  This will also be the day for the group ensemble pictures for the Yearbook.
  • Yearbook is also looking for any people or groups that would like to sponsor or advertise in our Yearbook.  More details soon.
  • All performing ensemble classes and theory classes should be finishing up with  written student evaluations, but this process can take several weeks.  If the students have their parent sign their evaluation, they will be given a ticket or candy if they bring it back to class.


Friday, March 3

Hall Monitors (Bring goodies to donate to the Coffee Bar to sell.  The profits of the Coffee Bar are donated to PSHP.)

            8:45-11:00       Kendra Currey,  Aulia Pardue, Kim Kirschner

            11:00-12:00     Angel Townsend

                11:00-1:00       Sarah Helton

            12:45-2:45       Kim Kirschner

1:45-3:45         Laura Smyer

NOTES for March 3:

  • March payments are due for 3 Fridays..
  • Teacher’s Meeting at 12:10 in Room 203.



Upcoming Community Concert Opportunities

  1. Saturday, March 11 7:30 at JKH Hall.  Springfield Symphony will present a concert about the music of Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann, and Johannes Brahms.  There will also be narration about the composers, their music, and their friendships.  Please purchase a ticket.  Student tickets are $12.50 if paid by cash and a little more expensive if paid by credit card.

Upcoming Area Opportunities

  1. March 10-11   The Family Reformation Homeschool Conference at Copeland Theater in Branson.  Check out more details at:


Prayer Concerns- Lord hear our prayers

  1. Suzanne Koepke’s Dad, Denny DePriest, passed away early Wednesday morning.
  2. Elizabeth Suh had extensive shoulder surgery on Tuesday.
  3. Kristin Gram’s mom is on hospice for cancer and took a turn for the worse this week.  Kristin will be in Austin with her parents.
  4. Many  people who have sickness or sickness in their families.

5..  Amber Phillip’s mom has 2 more chemo treatments.