PSHP Announcements for 11.18.2022

Friday is another busy day at Play and Sing His Praises:
Hall Monitors for November 18, 2022
(Meet at the Information Table for more instructions)
8:45-11:00     Amanda Demster, Hungerford, Laura Kilburn
11:00-1:00     Amanda Kotlarcyk
12:45-2:45     Amy Arbuckle
1:45-3:45       Angela Hatch
  •  The PSHP Directory will be ready for pick up by next Friday, November 18. See the Information Table or it will be available by email and download (See Button at Bottom of your email)
  • Combined high school practice for student in classes that have been working on the songs Is He Worthy and Hallelujah Chorus at noon in the Sanctuary for the next 2 Fridays.
  • All high school girls in advance classes that ordered or bought used dresses will have fittings tomorrow to measure for the correct hem. Please bring your concert shoes (and your dress if you have it at home). All of the dresses have arrived. Please report to the Music Library or ask at the Information Table or Payment Table.
  • If you were fitted last week for your dress they are hemmed and ready for pick up tomorrow! Thank you to Hannah Hood for making this happen!!
  • Join us in Blessing Bingo and pick up a game card at the Information Table on Friday. Prizes will be awarded!! These will be cards for adults and cards for students/children. This is a great way to mingle and get to know other PSHP families as we count our blessings.
  • The Asbury kitchen will be busy tomorrow with Asbury ladies who will be preparing quiche from 9-3. Please be kind and considerate as we share out kitchen space on Friday. Thank you ahead of time.
  • PSHP T-shirts that were ordered a few weeks ago will be here tomorrow at the Information Table. Thank you to Andrea McCotter for organizing this.
  • Parking lot issues: The building construction workers had to move their supplies to the end of the drop off line aisle. You can still drop off under the covered walkway, but you will have to turn around to exit the parking lot. This could cause some extra congestion.
  • Beginner Band will meet separately in their small classes this week at 8:45.
  • Intermediate Band will meet separately in their small classes this week at 10:00.
  • See Dan Updegrave or Kathy Love if you are interested in performing a solo or in a small ensemble and/or taking a theory exam to the optional Federated Music Contest on March 4, 2023 at Evangel University. Solos will need to be chosen before Christmas break as each student will have to have at least one of their pieces memorized.
  • Dennis Bailey has brought back the Coffee Bar soon.Let me know if you would like to help with this. Thank you to the Bailey family for getting it going last week!!
  • The Prize Store is quickly approaching and could use items such as music supplies, gift cards, hair accessories, games, books, electronics, candy etc. Please bring items to the Information Table between now and December 2.
  • If you are on a crew that sets up, does mid-day crew, or clean-up crew, please let Kathy Love know when you have to be absent, so we can make other arrangements.
  • Asbury is a Cold Weather Shelter location when the nighttime temperatures drop below 32 degrees. The shelter is open tonight. The guests will be picked up by bus on Fridays at 6:15 am. The shelter clean-up crew will be working to restore the church for our classes on Friday and hope to be done by 8:00. Please offer to help or move into the Sanctuary until the church is ready for PSHP. Thank you for your consideration.
General Notes
Please be sure to sign up to be Hall Monitor for 3 shifts (2 hour shifts). The sign-up sheet is at the information table. The hall monitors walk around inside the building and keep order: check on students running around, no students mingling in the stairwells, etc.
1. Music that has been ordered will be delivered to classes soon. Some of the music is still on backorder.
Student Notes
  1. Please check your weekly assignments on Gibbon.
  2. Bring a pencil to all of your classes. Everyone will need a pencil with their music or in their music folder, as well as for their theory classes.
  3. No running inside the church please.
CHOIR rehearsal links for music to listen and/or rehearse with
        Mezzo/Singers playlist link:
        Concert Choir/Bel Canto playlist links:
                  The tracks are at
                   There’s also a YouTube playlist with the songs at
Yearbook Class for this Year
Yearbook class will resume in January at 12:10 in Room 210-211. We are still looking for some more students to help with Yearbook.
Notes for Gibbon Website
  1. Emails in the future will be coming from Gibbon. Please add the PSHP email to your folder so it does not go to your SPAM folder or junk folder.
  2. Log into Gibbon to see your class schedule, assignments, etc. HTTPS://
  3. If you don’t have your Gibbon login or have any Gibbons quesitons email Le Ann Price at
  4. Families that were registered in Gibbon last year, should be able to log in and add siblings. Don’t worry if you have trouble with Gibbons, as we have been having trouble also!
 Thank You!!
  • Thank you to the Bailey family for bringing back the coffee bar and goodies!!
  • Looking Ahead
Hall Monitors for December 2, 2022
(Meet at the Information Table for more instructions)
8:45-11:00     Heather McClain, Hungerford, Andrea Nickols
11:00-1:00     Kailyn Joseph
12:45-2:45     Kristy Sickles
1:45-3:45       Leslie Patterson
Combined Rehearsals of Advanced Classes
  • All students involved in the concert on Saturday, December 3 will have combined rehearsals at noon in the Asbury Sanctuary from 12:00-12:30 on Friday, November 18 and December 2. Please make sure that every student who is performing in the Handel’s Messiah Hallelujah Chorus or in Is He Worthy? can attend all 3 of these Friday rehearsals in preparation for our December 3 concert. Look below to see if your class is included!
Christmas Concert Plans
  • All students will be performing in each performing class that they are enrolled for our Christmas Concerts. Check carefully for dates and locations!!
  • Classes with High School classes in advanced classes will have a concert on Saturday, December 3 at 2:00. Location is Macedonia Baptist Church at 3110 W. Sunshine, Spfld, 65807.    Warm-ups could begin at Noon. Save from Noon to 4:45 on this day. Classes include: Bel Canto, Concert Choir, Beethoven, Brahms, Adoration Band, Jazz Band, Flute Ensemble, Praise and Worship, Classical Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and Harp Ensemble.
  • The younger less advanced classes of beginners and intermediate classes will have their concert as a come and go event at Asbury on Friday, December 9 from 3:00-6:00. Their warm-ups will be around 20 minutes before their performance time. Classes include: Beginner Orchestra (all violin, viola, cello, and harps), Intermediate Orchestra, Advance Intermediate Orchestra, Bach Orchestra, Young Beginner Guitar, 8:45 Class of Older Beginner Guitar, 10:00 Class of Older Beginner Guitar, Intermediate Guitar, Recorder Class, Beginner Bell Class, Beginner Band Class, Intermediate Band Class, Singers Choir, and Mezzo Choir.
Performance Times are listed by class below.. Please note the highlighted times that have been changed as of 11/3/22.
  • 3:00     Beginner Orchestra
  • 3:15     Recorder Class
  • 3:25     Younger Beginner Guitar Class
  • 3:40      8:45 Class of Older Beginner Guitar Class
  • 3:55      Beginner Bell Class
  • 4:10      Intermediate Orchestra
  • 4:20      10:00 Class of Older Beginner Guitar Class
  • 4:30      Beginner Band Class
  • 4:45      Singers Choir
  • 5:00      Intermediate Guitar
  • 5:10      Intermediate Band
  • 5:25      Advance Intermediate Orchestra
  • 5:40      Mezzo Choir
  • 5:50       Bach Orchestra
 Carnival FUNdraiser
  • Save the date, Saturday, February 18 from 11-3 for our fundraiser. Events will include cupcake/cookie walk, carnival type games, face painting, gourmet food or desserts auction, silent auction, art auction for a cause, plus student performances, and hotdogs and hamburgers for lunch.
  • All performers at the Carnival will need to prepare their performance music for an audition on Friday, January 13. Musicians will need to be 12 years old or older. The groups can be solos or a small ensemble of 8 people are less. They can pick serious music or funny music or do a skit, juggling, or read a poem.
If you have anything that you would like to donate for a basket for the silent auction the items can be dropped off at the Information Table.