Here are the instructions for Beginner and Intermediate Orchestras and Bands

Beginning & Intermediate Bands & Orchestras! Did you know you can practice with the recordings for your book at home? Check out this information;
  1. Log in to the online tools from our Essential Elements books by clicking on –…/PlayHiBa67
  2. You will need your book’s “Student activation code” which is located on the front page – it will have around 16 characters.
  3. You can use a made up name if you want for privacy purposes. But we would like everyone to use these great tools for playing along at home. This is HUGE for brass players learning to hear the correct pitches for their instruments.
  4. Once you have logged in and set up your account, the resources tab will have great beginner videos and helpful items for your students and you to watch together. The resources icon is the one with the music notes.
  5. Most important option: The “recordings or music studio” icon is the one that looks like a microphone. This icon will give you access to recordings of the books exercises to practice with. This is probably the greatest tool on the site.


 Click on this link to email Dan if you have any questions