PHSP Notes for Friday, 1.6.2023

Hello PSHP Families and Students
Thank you for a great fall full of wonderful music. The Christmas Concerts were a delight to listen to and hear the progress of all of the classes.
  • Classes start this Friday, January 6th
  • Beginner Orchestra, Beginner Band and Intermediate Band students will meet in their smaller classes this week, not as a combined ensemble. The only exception to this is the harp students will meet with their bigger orchestra class for tomorrow only.
  • Please check over the calendar at a glance (Click Button Below) and add these dates to your 2023 calendar
  • Many thanks to Thadden Cymbaluk for his teaching expertise. He will be stepping away from PSHP this semester as he will be setting up a farmstead for the future. He will continue working in the forest Monday through Thursday, and farming Friday through Sunday. We hope to see you and your family back at PSHP in the future.
Friday, January 6
Hall Monitors
           8:45-11:00      Kelsey Cain, Kendra Currey, Jennifer Oberbeck
           11:00-1:00      Kim Adams
           12:45-2:45      Diann Ruesch
  • 12:10 in Room 203-adult teacher’s meeting
  • Yearbook head shots will be taking of all students, staff, and teachers on Friday, January 13. Wear anything as long as it meets the dress code.
  • Federation Deadline to sign up is Friday, January 13. Optional contest is Saturday, March 4 at Evangel. Sign up and pay at the Payment Table. $20 per solo or small ensemble, $10 for theory exam.
  • Carnival Fundraiser Saturday, February 18. Audition for performers is Friday, January 13. Sign up at the Information Table.
  • The PSHP Friends’ are looking for donations for the baskets for the Silent Auction for the Carnival Fundraiser. You can bring a basket already filled with goodies or bring items to add to a basket. Some ideas for baskets are: Movie, Student, Women’s, Men’s, Summer, Farm, Garden. Drop off donations at the Information Table..
  • Contest Friday, March 31  SAVE ALL DAY FROM 8-5.
  1. Schedule will be all day to get all 23 performing classes in the Sanctuary.
  2. Each performing ensemble will have their picture taken for the Yearbook, directly after their performance
Friday, January 13
Hall Monitors
           8:45-11:00      Kaylin Joseph, Emily Keeler
           11:00-1:00      Sarah Helton
           12:45-2:45      Michelle Waggoner
1:45-3:45        Leanne Williams
Announcements for January 13
  • Teachers will start written student evaluations, hand to student’s when finished
  • 12:10 in Room A105 Theory Teacher’s Meeting for adult and student teacher’s
  • Auditions for Performers for the Carnival Fundraiser on February 18
  • Yearbook Pictures of all students, teachers, and staff. Headshot only. Can wear anything within dress code.
Friday, January 20
           12:10 Friend’s Meeting in Room 203. Open to any teacher or parent.
Friday, January 27
           11:45 Pizza Friday. (Orders are due 1/25/23)
12:15 Graduation Meeting in the Sanctuary
Saturday, February 18
Carnival “Fun”draiser at Asbury from 11-3. Silent Auction of baskets, gourmet desserts, art, carnival games, cupcake walk, PSHP performers