Orchestra: Younger Beginner Violin Assignments for 1.11.2019

Younger Beginner Violin

Every student needs a shoulder rest or sponge to hold their instrument properly. Please make sure your student has one.
We are focusing this semester on proper bow hold and keeping the bow straight while playing!
Look at the orange box on the top of pgs. 7 and 12 for proper bow hand position.
Use the orange box at the top of pg. 8 for great bow hold exercises!
Practice pieces (with bow) #31, 32, 33, 34
#35 Try creating words by drawing notes on the staff!
Ticket challenge:  Bring a small cloth to keep in your violin case for wiping down your violin after playing!  (Can be a washcloth, an old clean rag, or a dust cloth)  When using the bow, rosin dust gathers under the strings on the wood.