Nursing Home Performance Updates.

Updates for Nursing Home Performances-Friday, December 15!!
(Especially note the highlighted areas)
Nursing Home Performances on Friday, December 15. Some students will be in all 3
performances, and some might only be in one performance. Wear concert clothes!!
Please bring all of your music that was performed at our concert on December 2 at Macedonia.
Instrumentalists will need to bring their own music stand.
1. Concert Choir and Beethoven Students, Advance and Classical guitar, (No harp
ensemble at this location).
A. Meet at 10:10 at Magnolia Square, 1502 W. Edgewood and enter in the
back!! Perform from 10:30-11:10ish in the dining room. Those students
that are also in Band performance at 11:15 will be dismissed early to go
to the second location.
2. Adoration Band and Clarinet Trio (NO Jazz Band). Percussionist please bring your
A. Meet at 10:55 at Birch Pointe, 3705 S. Jefferson. Enter through the front
door and meet at the reception desk. Perform from 11:15-11:45
3. All high school students in advance classes (those that performed on Saturday,
December 2 at Macedonia) are invited to bring your lunch to Asbury from 11:30-2:30.
Bring refreshments to share with your friends. We will enjoy games and fellowship!!
And you can stop by Chick-Fil-A and use your gift cards if you are a student helper.
Even if your class is not performing, please feel free to join us at Asbury from 11:30-
2:30 or any part of that time.
4. Concert Choir and Beethoven Students and harp ensemble students. (NO advance or
classical guitar)
A. Meet at 3:10 at The Montclair, 1000 E. Montclair and enter in either the
west door or front door and go to the Community Room. Perform from
The next thing on the schedule is when classes resume on Friday, January 5, 2024, at Asbury. Have a
wonderful Christmas as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and help spread hope, peace, joy, and love to the
Thank you for sharing the gift of music with our community. The Springfield Symphony Guild loved the
performance at Twin Oaks.
Blessings, Kathy Love