Hello PSHP
  • We are still in need of prizes for our Prize Store that will be open tomorrow from 10:30 to 2:30 in Room 103.   We could use items such as music supplies, gift cards, hair accessories, games, books, electronics, candy etc. Please bring items to the Information Table by 10:00 on December 2·
  • We are so blessed by the teachers, students, and families that we see each Friday. Thank you for this opportunity to glorify God with music.
  • Check Christmas Concert Details below as to what to wear and times and locations of concerts.  The specifics for warm-ups for Saturday, December 3 and Friday, December 9 will be out next week.  No students will need to come in the morning of Friday, December 9.  Each class will warm-up around 30 minutes before their performance time.
Monitors for December 2, 2022
(Meet at the Information Table for more instructions)
8:45-11:00     Heather McClain, Hungerford, Andrea Nickols
11:00-1:00     Kailyn Joseph
12:45-2:45     Kristy Sickles
1:45-3:45       Leslie Patterson
1.  Payment Day for December.  Please pay your monthly fees, church usage fees, plus concert fees.
2.  Prize Store is open tomorrow from 10:30 to 2:30 in Room 103.
                  8:45 Harps will be in their orchestra class for the day.
                  10:00 Harps will be in their orchestra class for the day.
                  11:00 Harps will be in Room 102
                  12:45  Harp Ensemble will be in the Sanctuary.
3. There will be no regularly scheduled classes after tomorrow, December 2.
4.  December 9     If any student is wanting to participate in the optional music contest on March 4, they will need to meet next Friday to schedule a time with Dan Updegrave, Kathy Love, or Elizabeth Suh from 11:00-2:00 at Asbury.
5.  December 9  All beginner, intermediate, and Bach will perform in a concert.  There will have a warm-up around 30 minutes before their concert time.  That is all they will have for the day.  See below for more details as to performance times.
6.  December 16.  The advance classes (those from the December 3 concert) will be touring nursing homes. More details soon.
7.  No classes or activities on December 23 or 30.
8.  January 6  All PSHP classes resume!!!
Combined Rehearsals of Advanced Classes
·         All students involved in the concert on Saturday, December 3 will have combined rehearsals at noon in the Asbury Sanctuary from 12:00-12:30 on Friday, December 2. Please make sure that every student who is performing in the Handel’s Messiah Hallelujah Chorus or in Is He Worthy? can attend all 3 of these Friday rehearsals in preparation for our December 3 concert. Look below to see if your class is included!
·         Brahms Orchestra will meet at 11:45 in the Sanctuary to practice Glow with the Concert Choir.
Concert Dress by Class
Beginning Orchestra, Recorder Class, Beginning Band, Beginning  Guitar, Singers Choir, Intermediate Orchestra Classes:
⮚      GIRLS:  Nice church clothes. No flip-flops at anytime! For performances, skirts and dresses must be below the knee to ensure modesty on the stage. Loose fitting pants are also acceptable, but no jeans. Check to make sure you are modest when you are in playing position with your instrument.
⮚      BOYS:  Nice “church clothes,” Dress slacks or khakis are acceptable, but no jeans. Be sure to add a belt if you have belt loops. Please wear dark dress shoes or dark tennis shoes with dark socks.
Advance Intermediate Orchestra, Bach, Mezzo, Intermediate Band, Intermediate Guitar and Advance Guitar Classes
Ø  GIRLS:  Black or black and white combination. All solid colors with no big print or big pattern. For performances, skirts and dresses must be below the knee to ensure modesty on the stage. Black dress pants are also acceptable. Black dress shoes, no flip-flops
Ø  BOYS:  Black dress pants, white or black long sleeved dress shirt, black belt, black socks, and black dress shoes. You may add a black dress jacket if desired, but this is optional
Beethoven, Brahms, Concert Choir, Bel Canto Chamber Choir, Adoration Band, Select Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Classical Guitar, Praise and Worship Classes:
⮚      GIRLS:  PSHP performance dress for $60 (or $70 for size 16 and up) to be ordered through our organization. Black dress shoes, no flip-flops. All accessories should either be black, silver, or gold; please no other colors or anything so big it would draw attention to you personally on stage. PSHP will hem the dresses at no extra cost.
⮚      BOYS:  Black dress pants, white or black long sleeved dress shirt, black belt, black socks, black dress shoes, a red tie and a black bow tie that you will purchase ($10) through PSHP. You may add a black dress jacket if desired.
Christmas Concert Plans
         Please see the Concert Info Sheet for specifics for Saturday’s Concert at Macedonia Baptist at 2:00.
  • All students will be performing in each performing class that they are enrolled for our Christmas Concerts. Check carefully for dates and locations!!
  • Please invite guests to our concerts!!
  • Classes with High School classes in advanced classes will have a concert on Saturday, December 3 at 2:00. Location is Macedonia Baptist Church at 3110 W. Sunshine, Spfld, 65807.    Warm-ups could begin at Noon. Save from Noon to 4:45 on this day. Classes include: Bel Canto, Concert Choir, Beethoven, Brahms, Adoration Band, Jazz Band, Flute Ensemble, Praise and Worship, Classical Guitar Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and Harp Ensemble.
  • The younger, less advanced classes of beginners and intermediate classes will have their concert as a come and go event at Asbury on Friday, December 9 from 3:00-6:00. Their warm-ups will be around 20-30 minutes before their performance time. Classes include: Beginner Orchestra (all violin, viola, cello, and harps), Intermediate Orchestra, Advance Intermediate Orchestra, Bach Orchestra, Young Beginner Guitar, 8:45 Class of Older Beginner Guitar, 10:00 Class of Older Beginner Guitar, Intermediate Guitar, Recorder Class, Beginner Bell Class, Beginner Band Class, Intermediate Band Class, Singers Choir, and Mezzo Choir.
  • No PSHP classes will meet in the morning of Friday, December 9.

PSHP Christmas Concert 2022 Info Sheet

December 9 Performance Times are listed by class below.
  • 3:00     Beginner Orchestra
  • 3:15     Recorder Class
  • 3:25     Younger Beginner Guitar Class
  • 3:40      8:45 Class of Older Beginner Guitar Class
  • 3:55      Beginner Bell Class
  • 4:10      Intermediate Orchestra
  • 4:20      10:00 Class of Older Beginner Guitar Class
  • 4:30      Beginner Band Class
  • 4:45      Singers Choir
  • 5:00      Intermediate Guitar
  • 5:10      Intermediate Band
  • 5:25      Advance Intermediate Orchestra
  • 5:40      Mezzo Choir
  • 5:50       Bach Orchestra
CHOIR rehearsal links for music to listen and/or rehearse with
        Mezzo/Singers playlist link:
        Concert Choir/Bel Canto playlist links:
                  The tracks are at
                   There’s also a YouTube playlist with the songs at
Gibbon Website for PSHP: