Young Beginners Violin Assignments for 11.10.2017

Young Beginners Violin Assignments for 11.10.2017


Yay, bows!! Please practice good care: loosen the bow hair every time you put your instrument away. Tighten a pinky-width and rosin when you are ready to practice.

Please keep sticking down the stickers and cushions I put on your bows last week. They need to last as long as possible. I will not be replacing them every week!

Remember to practice a good bowhold! Make a circle with your fingers on your right hand. This is the shape you want when holding your bow: curved pinky and curved thumb! Bring your two middle fingers around to touch the frog. Pointer finger lays down on its side. Use the TIPPY TIP of your thumb on the STICK of the bow, right in front of the frog’s mouth. If you can show me a perfect bowhold at the beginning of class this Friday, you will earn a ticket!

Practice your three rosin raps, numbers 37, 38, and 39. You may play on either D string or A string, your choice. Keep the bow moving in a straight path between the bridge and the fingerboard, using at least the whole middle section of your bow (between the stickers we put on). Remember to look at your down bow symbol (table) and up bow symbol (v) and move in the correct direction.

Keep practicing Dreidl!

Look ahead at the next two pages: we will be learning Jingle Bells, Old MacDonald, and A Mozart Melody SOON and performing them for our Christmas concert. Please practice these PIZZICATO (plucked, not with the bow yet).

Happy Practicing!