Young Beginner Violin 10.7.16

Young Beginner Violin 10.7.16


Review D-string and A-string notes.

Practice 31-32, D Major scale! You must know your scale well by next class. Try memorizing and watching your fingers. Remember, all of our songs are just the notes of our scale mixed up in a new way.


Practice 33,34,36 again. Play them through slowly. Try to play each song at least 5 times a day! I want to hear better progress when we play together next week. No popcorn notes!


Practice Rosin raps, 37-39, using your good bowhold. See below for instructions.

Practice your good bowholds! Using your RIGHT hand:

  1. Make a circle, touching the tips of your fingers to the tip of your thumb.
  2. Give your circle bunny ears.
  3. Open the bunny’s mouth.
  4. Turn the bunny’s head to the LEFT.
  5. Put your bow in the bunny’s mouth.
  6. Close the bunny’s mouth.


Other notes:

Practice tightening and loosening your bow. When tight, it should be a pinky’s width between the stick on the bow and horse hair. Always loosen hair before you put your bow back in its case.


Make sure you are practicing rest position and playing position, and reviewing the steps from our very first class (scroll down on the website for a list of steps if you’ve forgotten).


Make sure you are noticing where on the staff the notes lie, since the book takes our note names away this week.


If you do not have a shoulder rest or sponge, music stand, or rosin YOU MUST have it by next Friday! I’m serious.


Please keep your fingernails short! I will be checking everyone’s nails on Friday again and if you have good and short nails, you will win a ticket. About half of the class still needed shorter nails this week.