Update for PSHP Yearbook Information 2020: Posted on 4.22.2020

Hello Everyone,

Sending prayers as the Yearbook works on final details for the PSHP Yearbook.  Thank you to the Yearbook staff led by advisors Shelly Pichler and Suzanne Ruble.  They are doing a great job, in spite of CoVid19 obstacles.

It is not too late to order a yearbook.  Please go to the TreeRing website:

Go to www.TreeRing.com/validate

                      Check your email for the PSHP student passcode for the yearbook.

The deadline for 2 custom pages has been extended through Thursday, April 30.

Some more specifics are included below:

#1.  If you have any PSHP candid shots from this year, the yearbook staff could use some more for the yearbook.

Please email to Shelly Pichler by Monday, April 27:  espichler@aol.com

  • We need your help… We are going to dedicate a page in the yearbook to pictures of how everyone is spending their Quarantine time… Please send us pictures of your children …these images can contain creative and hopeful messages Or can show ways we are coping, etc. It would be great if these were positive and inspiring. They can be funny to It would be great if these were positive and inspiring. They can be funny too 🙂
  • Please email to Shelly Pichler by Monday, April 27:  espichler@aol.com

#2. Good news for shipping Yearbooks as we have two options.

One option is that your Yearbook with be sent to Kathy Love’s house and we can arrange a time for pick-up in June. We can see what this looks like by the time June gets here. There is no additional cost for this option.

In light of our new normal with the COVID-19 virus… Tree Ring, our yearbook supplier, has generously lowered the ship to home price from $7.99 to $2.99.

#3. Signing Yearbooks (can be done online!)

  • With school closures and shelter-in-place directives becoming the new normal, yearbook signing days at your school may not happen this year. Not to worry! TreeRing has had the online Signatures feature available for a while now which allows students to e-sign each other’s books. The instructions are easy and you can work with your parents and students to have them sign each other’s books!
  •            Sending and Requesting Signatures
  •            Adding Signatures to Custom Pages

Stay healthy and safe! Blessings from your PSHP yearbook staff!

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