Theory: Composition Assignments for 5.17.2019

Class evaluations went out on Friday, so please be sure to show them to your parents and let me know if you or they have any questions.
For the composition recital next Friday, please dress in nice clothes, but official concert dress is not required. We will need to set up four chairs in the center of the stage, and then all other groups can stand. Please be punctual for the set up so you can have enough time to get settled before things get started. We’ll go over that in class on Friday before the recital.
Be sure to invite friends and family! You’ve worked very hard and you deserve to have your work heard by an appreciative audience.
My musical happy moment this week is the last movement of the Farewell Symphony. Haydn had a great sense of humor, and obviously a great relationship with his boss. You can read the legend of the symphony here. Haydn also had a pretty interesting death. Somebody stole his head after he died! You can read that super weird story here.
Have a great week! I’m really looking forward to your recital next Friday!

Heather R. Nelson, PhD

Singing Voice Specialist

Voice Teacher