Theory: Bach Theory II Assignments for 9.14.2018

Theory: Bach Theory II Assignments for 9.14.2018

I had a great time meeting you all on Friday and getting to know you a little bit. For this week, please review and finish pages 2 and 3 in the theory book. If you need a little extra rhythm practice, go back over Units 31 and 32 in the rhythm book, as well. Remember, we’ll go rather quickly through the first half of the book to review things before we hunker down and get into the last half of the book.

My musical happy moment this week is a performance of one of my favorite 20th century compositions, Short Ride on a Fast Machine by John Adams. It features one of the most interesting solos, starting off with an insistent woodblock that continues through most of the piece. Click on the blue underlined link above to be taken to a YouTube video.


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