Teacher’s Meeting on Friday 19.2.2023 Also Info about non-teaching jobs.

Hello Everyone,

I am excited to be one step closer to starting our year.  Please look over these lists very carefully.  These lists are for those people that want a job or responsibility every Friday at PSHP.  This is the first edition and there could still be some changes and some of the room numbers could also be changed.  If you do not wish to have a job or responsibility every Friday, please email me:  KALcello@cs.com

If you are an adult teacher or a student teacher on the list, please join us for our Teacher’s Meeting this Friday, September 1 from 10-2 for our teacher meeting and training.  Bring $4 per person for pizza, salad, cookies, and drink or feel free to bring your own lunch.


Those that have non-teaching jobs, please report to the Information Table or Coffee Bar at your scheduled times on the first day of class, Friday, September 8.

NON-TEACHING HELP 2023-24 (003)