Registration and Music Book Sale Day: Fall 2018

Hello Everyone,

We are busy with preparations for the new year at Play and Sing His Praises.

Please see the attachment with the book sale volunteers and the teachers check for your table assignments.

I will also have a paper version of the handbook for you in your family bag on Friday, but have attached it here for your convenience.

Note that Classical Guitar will meet at 11:00 and Advance Guitar will meet at 2:45

If you would like to sign up to help on Thursday or Friday, please follow this link:

This week’s schedule is as follows:

  • Thursday, August 23   2:30 pm  Set up for the Music Book Sale at Asbury

o   We can use many hands to help with this set up, as we use every room on the first floor of Asbury

  • Friday, August 24

o   8:30                 Teachers and workers report to the Fellowship Hall for a short meeting.  After our meeting you can gather your music and paperwork.

                                                 Please bring snacks to share or light finger foods to put in the kitchen for everyone to share during our work day.

o   9:00-10:15       Returning families come to register and buy music books.  All families need to come fill out their paperwork for the year, even if your child is staying in the same class

o   10:30               New families last names that start with the letters A-L come to register and buy music books

o   11:30               New families last names that start with the letters  M-Z come to register and buy music books

o   1:30ish             Restore church, finish data entry

Notes to help plan for Registration:

  • Plan for an hour or an hour and a half on Friday
  • Please bring cash or checks to pay for your books
  • Please enter only through the south doors by the office
  • Please exit only through the east doors under the covered entry
  • I will be posting a book list tomorrow to help you plan what books you might already have at home and how much to budget for each  class
  • There will be a short meeting in the Sanctuary
  • You can fill out your paperwork in the Sanctuary
  •  High school girls should plan to come on Friday to be fitted for their dresses in they are in advanced classes

Deadline to Sign Up for Jobs is this Friday, August 24

Please take time to sign up for weekly jobs and responsibilities whether you are a high school student wanting to be a student teach in a theory class or performing class; an adult that wants to help teach a class or accompany; or if you would like a weekly family job of set-up, mid-day crew , or clean-up crew, bathroom crew in the morning, bathroom crew in the afternoon, kitchen monitor, coffee bar attendant, information table.  See the sign-ups for more specifics.  These jobs can offer financial assistance towards your family bill.  You will be notified by email by August 29.

Families or Students Intentions

Please email me if you are not able to return to PSHP this year.  I understand that sometimes schedules, directions,  and priorities change.

            Kathy Love:

Need to Audition this Friday

  • If you are a returning student you will need to audition before you proceed to the next level class. Many auditioned last week, but if you didn’t, plan to come prepared this Friday to audition for class placement before you purchase your music books.
  • If you are a new student and already play an instrument, you will need to play a short song for proper class placement before you purchase your music books.
  • Choir students don’t need to audition as the choirs are divided by age.  If you are 15 years old or older and would like to audition for the one audition choir, Bel Canto, come prepared this Friday.  Look on the website for more information.
  • New beginner students do not need to audition for a beginner class.  There are no pre-requisites.

New for 2018 PSHP

  1. All beginner percussion students will now take a two year percussion class.  This class can be started by 8 year olds and older.  These students don’t have to take a recorder class.  For the first year the beginner percussion student will play orchestra bells and not combine with the beginner band for performances, but will perform as a bell class only.  For the second year beginner percussion student they will learn snare drum and combine with the beginner band for performances.  Talk to Dan Updegrave or Mark Pellegrino if you have questions or have already completed one year of beginner percussion last year.
  2. Class time changes from the printed Handbook, that is attached.

            11-12               Classical Guitar Class will meet, with theory at 1:45 in one of the high school theory classes

            2:45-3:45         Advance Guitar Class will meet, with theory at 1:45 for their class of Advance Guitar

  1. The only price increase this year is for the Concert Fees in December and May have gone up to $10 per family. The price of renting a facility for our concerts has continued to increase.  I don’t want to have to charge an admission fee for our concerts as I want to share our music ministry.  Thank you in advance for understanding.
  2. When you sign up for Volunteer jobs on Friday, you will only sign up from September to January.  In January we will have another sign up for those volunteer spots in January for the remainder of the year.
  3. Alisha Titus is not returning this fall to teach recorder with her growing family, but you could see her around teaching lessons.
  4. Anna Stoyeff is notreturingthis fall to teach harp, as God is taking her in another direction.  She will be missed, as for the last 18 years her Fridays have been spent at Asbury.
  5. Libby O’Neil will be teaching all of the harps in beginner, intermediate, Bach and Beethoven, while Gina Edwards will be teaching the harp ensemble.
  6. We are still working out other details until after we have specific numbers for enrollment.