Recorder Assignments for 3.30.2019

Recorder Assignments for 3.30.2019

The Recorder class is playing for Contest:

p. 18 #68. Old Mac’s Farm, Traditional

p. 18 # 70. Hole in the Bucket, German

p. 20 # 83. Finlandia, by Jean Sibelius

p. 21 #88. Ode to Joy (from Symphony No. 9) – Duet, by Ludwig van Beethoven

p. 21 #89. Going Home (from “New World” Symphony), by Antonin Dvorak

This Friday, for mock Contest, March 29, our class will meet at its regular time and place. During our class, we will go down to the sanctuary to practice our contest pieces.

The next week for Contest we will have a different schedule, to be announced later.