RE: PSHP Notes for Friday, February 18, 2022

Hello PSHP Families,

I am watching the weather, but at the moment the weather is fine in Springfield.  Please let the payment table know if you are unable to come to PSHP because of weather in your area.  I know the areas to the north of Springfield have more of the wintery weather today.


  • PSHP t-shirts and Senior t-shirts orders will go through March 4.  Check out the table near the Information  Desk for colors, prices and sizes.  Prices range from $9 for t-shirts to $24 for Graduation hoodies.  The exact cost of the t-shirts will not be known until we know the quantity of our order is since there are quantity discounts, but the cost should be between $9 and $11 dollars each.
  • Class pictures with their performing ensemble for the yearbook will be on Friday February 18.  Plan to bring your concert dress clothes.
  • Graduation Meeting for parents and high school seniors will now be Friday, February 25 at 12:10 in the Sanctuary.
  • Student teacher’s luncheon will now be March 11.
  • April 29 will be a normal class schedule.  The Mock Judging has been canceled this year.
  • May 6 will be a normal class schedule.  The Music Contest Day has been canceled this year due to our shorter year.

Announcements for Friday, February 18

Hall Monitor (Check in at the Information Table each week)


`           11:00-1:00


            1:45-3:45         Christy Mitchell

  • 10:00 Room Change for the Younger Beginner Violin theory class from Room 150 to Room 100 to combine with the cello theory class.  This will only be for a few weeks.  Your teachers will escort you to your new room.  Please take your instruments and belongings with you!
  • All performing classes will have their pictures taken tomorrow during their class time.  All pictures will be in the Fellowship Hall.  Please bring your concert outfits for the yearbook pictures. The instruments will also be in the picture, but orchestra students will not need their bows for the picture.
  • Picture Make-ups for those that missed their headshots for the Yearbook will also take place tomorrow.  You can take these in your concert outfits or another outfit, but plan accordingly.  A little bit of your shirt will show in the headshot.  All new students this semester should also get their headshot taken.

o   Bishko family

o   Gardner family

o   C. Gibson

o   N. Haak

o   Harrel boys

o   A. Hennum

o   Hrycyk family

o   A. Hunsaker

o   C. Krueger

o   L. Mitchusson

o   J. O’Donovan

o   Al. Pichler

o   Poisel family

o   Talbot family

o   N. Tovar

  • Friend’s Meeting at 12:10 upstairs in Room 203.  We will be going over the semester schedule and changes in some events.
  • PSHP will  take T-shirt orders from February 11 to March 4.


Looking Ahead

  • Hall Monitor for Friday, February 25

            8:45-11:00       Stephanie Buckner, Lynette Brady

`           11:00-1:00

            12:45-2:45       Andrea McCotter

            1:45-3:45         Libby Pendleton

  • Graduation Meeting, Friday, February 25 at 12:10 in the Sanctuary.