PSHP Notes: Planning for the coming weeks of Spring, 2020

Hello All,


I wanted to touch base with all of our Play and Sing His Praises’ families as to what I am thinking at the moment. Please know that this is a loose plan and will be very fluid, depending on the course of the Coronavirus pandemic and CDC and local authorities recommendations as the weeks progress. Please know that your health and safety is my utmost concern, but if we can navigate a plan that would also benefit our students and their musical learning experience that would be a bonus. We will definitely have to think outside the box and try to be creative. I am looking forward to the time that we can safely meet again.


Cancelled Events

I know we will not have any PSHP classes or functions until at least April 17. This obviously could be adjusted later. The following events are also cancelled:

  • March 27 – No fundraiser at Fuddruckers. The June 12 date in Branson is still on at the moment.
  • April 3 – No Open House or Teacher Luncheon
  • April 18 – We will not be going to any nursing homes to perform.
  • April 25 – We will not be performing for the Art in Bloom at the Springfield Art Museum, as the event was cancelled. We had talked about this in Brahms and Bel Canto, but I had not published anything about it yet.
  • May 1- I have made the decision not to have music contest this year at all. If we do get to meet as a class, we will need to touch on the basics and not polishing songs for contest.

Events still Pending or possibly to be rescheduled

I plan (hopefully) to have graduation at some point and possibly have our final concerts. Thus, I have not cancelled the following (as of yet):

  • May 8             Open Houses at 9:15, 10:15, and 1:15 for prospective students
  • May 9             PSHP Graduation
  • May 18 & 19   Final Concerts for all classes

Possible Ideas we are working on

  • We could try to meet some Fridays in June. This will be decided after we get a sense of normalcy.
  • We are working on ideas for online resources to help with your music classes at home during our time off from PSHP (click button below for one idea).



For the school year 2019-2020 we have met 19 times. If you paid your March bill on March 6 you would have paid for 21 weeks of lessons.

If you paid and would like for me to refund your two weeks of fees please include your address and notify me through an email:

If I don’t hear from you, your credits will be applied to whenever we meet again or carried forward to next fall.


Thank Yous

  1. Many congratulations to our talented students who participated in Federation Music Contest on Saturday, March 7. I was so proud of all the student’s progress and their great positive attitudes. Thank you for all of your hard work. I have your paperwork and can screen shot it if you want to see.
  2. Thank you to everyone who planned, worked, performed, and attended the PSHP Banquet on Saturday night, March 7. We brought in $1,400 that night in tickets and silent auction money. I don’t have all of the expenses yet, but I am so, so pleased at our fun and successful night. And what a wonderful evening to show off our student’s talent. That was the best gift for me to see their creative talents.


Prayer Concerns (please email with any prayer concerns that you want added to our list)

  1. Angie Richardson and family as she is traveling to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas for her cancer treatment. A joy that she gets to have 3 weeks out of 4 weeks in Springfield.
  2. Lizzie Lane’s mom, Dawn Lane, had a brain bleed in the fall and is still recovering. Prayers please as she is at home, but requires a lot of help.
  3. Bonita Holtkamp’s family. Prayers for Jaslyn and Kiara and her 3 other children and grandchildren.
  4. Pray for all PSHP students, PSHP teachers, and their families.
  5. Buck Schrope, Dad to 4 of our students,  had knee surgery last Wednesday. Prayers for healing.
  6. Dustin Bush had an unexpected hospital stay and two emergency room visits over the last month due to A-fib, which causes erratic heart rates. Prayers as he has more doctor’s visits and finds out more in the near future.
  7. For good health for everyone here and around the world and to avoid germs and viruses.
  8. Praying for everyone as we navigate in unchartered territory. Praying God will calm any anxiousness and keep you and your families healthy. Praying that we can help take care of each other in this crisis.


Sending love and prayers to all of you,

Kathy Love