PSHP Notes for Friday, October 15, 2021

Announcements for Schedule for Friday, October 15

1.  Hall Monitor (Check in at the Information Table each week)
8:45-11:00       Laura Kilburn, Heather McClain
11:00-1:00       Buck Schrope
12:45-2:45       Heather Hennum
1:45-3:45         Dawn Morley

2.  Friends of PSHP Meeting for all adults and student theory teachers at
12:10 in Room 203.  Bring your lunch as we meet! This is open to any parent
that wants to meet other parents and help out PSHP.  We will be discussing
the Teacher’s Appreciation Lunch, photo dates for the Yearbook, and other
plans for the year.
3.  Yearbook will meet at 10:00 in Room 210-211.  Intermediate Band clarinet
and saxophones will meet in Room 212 from now on.
4.  We have handouts with PSHP information that will be helpful, especially
for new families, but has general information for everyone about how to
contact teachers and leaders!!
5.  DROP OFF-Please don’t park in the covered drop off area at the East
door.  If someone pulls behind you, please pull forward and come around
again.  Thanks in advance for your help with this.
6.  Practice records for fall are here and extra copies are at the
Information Table.  You can also find the practice records on the website.
7.  Please be sure to label student books, music stands, music folders, and
instrument cases with the student’s name.
8.  Please bring pencils to have with you in your performing ensemble class
and in your theory class!

General Announcements

1.  Set-Up crews please check in at the Information Table each week.  Check
the door sign before you set up your room for any new notes on the post-it
note.  Please see the Information Table if you have any questions or
problems.  If you need a keyboard for a downstairs room, please go to the
music office in the north hallway off of the Fellowship Hall.  Upstairs
keyboards are stored in the storage room next to Room 203.
2.  Clean-Up crews please check in at the Information Table first.  Also
please check the back of the door sign for a picture of how to reset the
room at the end of the day.  The keyboard in Room 102 can stay in there, but
the rest of the keyboards need to be returned at the end of the day by the
clean-up crew.  All downstairs keyboards are returned to the music office in
the north hallway off of the Fellowship Hall.  Upstairs keyboards are stored
in the storage room next to Room 203.  After your room is restored please
return the door sign to the Information Table.
3.  Independent Theory classes are being held at 12:20 and 12:45 in Room
104, for any student that has a class conflict with their theory class.
There is no extra charge for this and it is so important that all PSHP get
both their ensemble class and theory class for all of their classes.  If a
student is both in a beginner class and an intermediate class, they will
need to take their beginner theory class at 12:20 or 12:45. Any student that
is in both Bach and Beethoven orchestra, will need to take their Beethoven
theory at either 12:20 or 12:45.  Any student that is in Mezzo Choir and
Bach Orchestra will need to take their Mezzo theory class at 12:20 or 12:45.
Please see me if you have any questions about this.  On another note, high
school students in advance classes (not first year Concert Choir students)
will only take one theory class at 1:45, unless they have a conflict at that
4.  High School girls in advance classes will need to order a concert dress
if they have not already done so.  See Judy Cymbaluk in the Music Library to
be fitted.

Looking Ahead

1.  Hall Monitor for Friday, October 22
8:45-11:00       Rachel Harrel, Heather McClain
11:00-11:00     Anyone to volunteer??
12:45-2:45       Heather Hennum
1:45-3:45         Leanne Williams
2.  Hand Me Around event on October 22.  Please bring in any clothes, books
that you are wanting to re-home.  We will have tables out in the Fellowship
Hall area divided by size.  Everything is free to drop off or take as you
want to bless others.  At the end of the day, the leftovers will be donated,
unless you come back at 3:00 to fetch your items.
3.  October class payments for 3 Fridays will be due on Friday, October 22.
November 5 will be the payment day for November classes.  I spread out the
payments in the fall, but usually the payments for the month are due on the
first Friday of the month.
4.  Graduation meeting for seniors and their parents will be on Friday,
October 29 at 12:10 in the Sanctuary.

Joys and Concerns

1.  Prayers for Ben Forrester and his family, as he is getting physical
therapy after recovering from CoVid.
2.  Prayers for Thadden Cymbaluk who works for the Forest Department and had
an accident at work yesterday.  He was life-lighted to Barnes hospital where
they were able to repair his shin from the injuries from the chainsaw
accident.  He will have to be off his leg for a few days, but answered
prayers that they were able to repair it so quickly.
3.  Prayers for Beth Falukos’ husband who is hospitalized with CoVid.

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