PSHP Notes for Friday, November 19, 2021

Please note that Asbury will be a busy place tomorrow with Asbury members,
community members, as well as PSHP students.
*         The Asbury women will be busy using the kitchen in the morning to
make quiche and in the mid to late afternoon the NA sponsor will be using
the kitchen for the NA Thanksgiving Dinner Friday night.
*         The Crisis Cold Weather Shelter at Asbury will be open tonight.
All of the guests will be picked up by a city bus between 7:30 and 7:45 am.
The Fellowship Hall might not be completely restored early in the morning.
This will not affect any of our classes that start at 8:45.  I do ask for
grace as we work together will all of the people using Asbury’s building and
the various ministries.
*         All students will be performing in a performance in December.
Please see below for times and details of concerts on Saturday, December 4
and Friday, December 11.
*         T-shirt design contest ends tomorrow at Noon.  Turn in your
designs to the Information Table.  Students will vote on T-shirts with a
penny on Friday, December 3 at the Information Table.

Announcements for Friday, November 19
Hall Monitor (Check in at the Information Table each week)
8:45-11:00       Lara Needham, Kim Kirschner
`           11:00-1:00       Jennifer Mitchusson
12:45-2:45       Gwen Hanson
1:45-3:45         Marina Ferguson

1.  Friday, November 19 will be an option to  take and purchase family
pictures, sibling pictures, and/or individual pictures with Liz Talbot in
Room 210-211.   Please sign up for Photo packages of students, siblings, or
family sitting.  See order form for prices.  If you have not signed up, you
may contact Kathy Love at to be added to a time.  The only
times available in the morning are 11: 07 and 11:35.  The afternoon times
from12:15-12:30 and 1:30 to 2:45 are open.  A make-up day on Friday,
December 3.  All packages will be ready for pick up by December 10th at the
latest.   Photo packages-E Talbot 21
2.  Classroom changes for tomorrow due to the pictures in Room 210-211
1:45     Music Composition move to Room 212 (or Youth Room, if
you need more room)
2:45     Bach Theory 2 move to Room 212
3.  Beginner Band will meet all together in the Youth Room at 8:45 and
Intermediate Band will meet all together in the Youth Room at 10:00.
4.  Combined Noon rehearsals for students in the advance high school classes
will be on November 19 and December 3.  Please arrange your schedule so you
can be there for the weeks of combined practice for Hallelujah Chorus and
Mary Did You Know? See you at noon in the Sanctuary.
5.  NO classes next Friday, November 26 due to Thanksgiving.
6.  PSHP Friend’s Meeting at 12:10 upstairs in Room 203.  This is open to
any parent.  We will be judging T-Shirt designs, planning for the Prize
Store on December 3, as well as the concerts on Saturday, December 4 and
Friday, December 10.
7.  Please check over the preliminary list for the PSHP Directory that will
be at the Payment Table tomorrow.  Please initial and also note if you don’t
want your information included.
8.  PSHP will order T-shirts after Christmas.  We will have a t-shirt
contest that is open to everyone to enter if they wish.  These entries can
be either hand drawn or by computer.  T-shirt contest will run from now
until noon on Friday, November 19.
9. Please donate items for our prize store for December 3.  Bring in items
now through December 3 and drop them off at the Information Table.  Some
items that are good are electronic metronome, guitar picks, rosin, candy,
gift cards for Andy’s, Incredible Pizza, Chick-Fil-A, stuffed animals,
batteries for electronics, toys. The ages for the students is from 8 years
old to 14ish.  Some older students also participate in this.  Our volunteers
will decide how many tickets each prize is worth.
10.  Please be sure to recycle any plastic, cans, or paper at the recycle
plastic bins located in the hallways around Asbury.  Please make sure your
containers are rinsed and emptied.

Federation Opportunity for Musical Enrichment
Saturday, March 5 is an opportunity for music students to be evaluated by
performing one or two songs from memory.  The cost for Federation Is around
$15 and the deadline to enter and pay is January 14.  All students will need
to be working with a teacher and an accompanist.  The songs have to be
chosen from the Federation Bulletin or music list.  The younger categories
choose one song on the list and one song not on the list.  The book will be
at the Information Table for you to look at.   Events include singing,
piano, music theory, any instrument.  This is always a great way to learn
and improve as a musician.  Each student is evaluated with written comments
and can earn up to 5 point per year.  After 15 points they will receive a
gold cup-which is a trophy!  See Dan Updegrave, Sally Doyle, Abby
Ellingsworth, Elizabeth Suh, or Kathy Love for more information.
Come Friday, December 17 between the hours of 10:00 and 1:00 to learn more
about this event and to pick out music.

Thank Yous
1.  Thank you to all of our PSHP families!!  We are blessed by the students
of PSHP.  Happy Thanksgiving!!

Musical Opportunities
Please see the 2 attached fliers about the opportunity to audition for a
concerto competition for students from smaller towns.  For more details ask
Kathy Love

OFO YA application (1)

Young_Artist_rules (2) (1)

Looking Ahead
1.  Hall Monitor for Friday, December 3
8:45-11:00       Debbie Hunsaker, Kim Kirschner
`           11:00-1:00       Buck Schrope
12:45-2:45       Any volunteers?
1:45-3:45         Elizabeth Talbot

2.  Make note of new picture dates to add to your calendar!
*         Friday, November 19 will be family/sibling picture packages to
purchase from Liz Talbot.  A digital option will also be available.  More
details of price  attached order form.    Sign up for an appointment at the
Info or Payment Table starting November 5.
*         Friday, December 3 will be makeup photos of either the headshots
or the picture packages to purchase.
*         Picture packages will be ready by December 10 or earlier from Liz
*         Class pictures will be Friday, January 14, 2022 for the yearbook.

3.  Combined Noon rehearsals for students in the advance high school classes
will be on November 19, and December 3.  Please arrange your schedule so you
can be there for the 3 weeks of combined practice for Hallelujah Chorus and
Mary Did You Know?.

4.  Concert Reminders:
Saturday, December 4      HIGH SCHOOL CHRISTMAS CONCERT at 2:00 at Asbury
All advanced classes (Beethoven, Brahms, Harp Ensemble, Concert Choir, Bel
Canto, Advance Guitar, Classical Guitar, Praise and Worship, Adoration Band,
Select Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and Percussion Ensemble) will perform
at an afternoon concert at 2:00 at Asbury.  Warm up times 12:30 for all
people in combined songs of Hallelujah Chorus and Mary Did You Know. .Other
warm-ups will occur between 1:00 and 1:45.
Attendance is mandatory at the concert unless sick.

*         All beginner and intermediate classes will have a scheduled class
concert between 10:00 and 12:45 at Asbury in the Sanctuary. See below for
*         The concert will be a come and go!
*         There will be time for pictures of the students directly after
they perform
*         No regular classes will meet, look for your performance time below
and bring friends and family.
*         Follow the Concert Dress Code for your class.

10:00 Beginner Orchestra
10:55  Younger Beginner Guitar
11:45  Beginner Band

1 10:10 Intermediate Orchestra
11:05 Older Beginner  Guitar
12:00  Intermediate Band

10:20 Advance Inter. Orchestra
10:35  Bach Orchestra

11:15  Intermediate Guitar
11:25  Recorder
11:35  Bell Class
12:15  Singers Choir
12:30   Mezzo Choir

5.  Friday, December 17        Any student that is interested in
participating in the optional Music Contest at Evangel on Saturday, March 5
is invited to attend today from 10-1:00 to pick music selections and find
out more   information.

Joys and Concerns
1.  Prayers for Ben Forrester and his family and a joy that he is at home
2.  Prayers for Beth Falukos’ husband, Marty, who is recovering from CoVid.
3.  Prayers for the Burks’ family who are recovering from CoVid and the loss
of Ron Burks, All 14 of their children have been students of PSHP from the
very beginning in 1998.  Lord hear our prayers and give us wisdom.
4.  Prayers for Darren Needham, father to Halle, Isaac, and Jonathan, who
had surgery  for a Pituitary tumor.
5.  A joy that the Tovar family has recovered from CoVid and was able to
rejoin us last Friday.
6.  Prayers for those families in quarantine or who are sick.


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