PSHP Notes for 9.10.2020

UPDATE for 2020
Dear PSHP families,

I am sad to say that the logistics of scheduling all of our students safely for music classes in the fall is not possible. With the increasing number of CoVid cases in Greene county and in the state of Missouri, I fell it is not safe at the present time to meet. Unfortunately, I am a high-risk person and need to avoid the virus because of my asthma, diabetes, and Crohn’s disease, as well as being 55 years old.

I look forward to the day that we can meet again for fellowship and music. I will reevaluate things in December to see if we can safely start up in mid-January or February. Thank you for your prayers and support and for giving feedback.

Please check with me if you would like the names of teachers for private lessons or even lessons by zoom. These are great ways to brush up your skills and improve.

Please be in prayers for the Luper family, a former PSHP family with their 5 children. Their Dad, Fred Luper, passed away Monday from CoVid.

Kathy Love