PSHP Notes for Friday, 2.21.2020

We are scheduled to meet all Fridays from January 31 to May 15, except for:
March 20        Spring Break
April 10           Easter Break

Please note these two days that we meet are very different schedule wise
than the rest of the rest.  Stay tuned for more details.
April 24           Adjusted schedule for some classes for our longer
practice in preparation for Music contest May 1
May 1              Music Contest with a very, very different schedule as
each of the 25 performing classes play for written and verbal evaluation.
Please save all day from 8 to 5:15.

Our PSHP Banquet is Saturday, March 7 in the evening.  Dinner at 6:00.  Two
weeks left to order Banquet Tickets!!!  We are collecting items to put in
baskets to auction at the silent auction.  The deadline to bring in items is
Friday, February 28, so Andrea McCotter has plenty of time to get everything
Any performers that would like to perform at the Banquet need to sign up by
tomorrow, February 14 at the Information Table.  Federation soloists and
ensembles will have first dibs at performing one of their songs, then we
will open it up to classes.

Please sign up here to work the banquet:
Food Prep on Day of the Banquet, March 7

Student waters, hosts, drink-prep, and cleanup.

Food for the student volunteers on Saturday evening

Hall Monitor for Friday, February 21, 2020
8:45-11:00       Katy Mills, Mat Thompson, Edna Clingman
11:00-1:00       Brittney Taylor
12:45-2:45       Rebecca Tucker
1:45-3:45         Kristin McIntrye
Meal for Holtkamp family:      Lucy Lawson/Elizabeth Morgan

Parent, Teacher and Student Notes for Friday, February 21, 2020
1.  All performing classes will need to retake their yearbook photos as
there was an issue with the camera. I am so sorry for the inconvenience, but
we want quality pictures for our Yearbooks.   All PSHP students will have
their pictures taken in their performing class during their class this week.
Please be dressed in your concert clothes before class time, as you will not
have time to change during class.  These pictures are not for purchase, but
will be included in the yearbook which you may purchase.  These pictures
will be in the SE corner of the Fellowship Hall, so there will be less
tables set out for people to sit.
2.  12:45  Friends Meeting in Room 203  We will be finishing details for the
3.  February 7 was a payment day for 3 Fridays in February.  We will credit
your May bill for the two Fridays that we missed so far due to weather.
4.  Banquet Tickets, for Saturday, March 7 at 6:00 pm at Aldersgate
Methodist in Nixa, will be on sale starting tomorrow near the Information
Table.  Prices are  $15 for one person, $30 for a couple, or $110 for the
full table.  Choice of meat will be chicken or brisket with a full course
sit down meal.  Tickets need to be returned by Friday, February 28.
Soloists and ensembles that are performing at Federation on that same day,
will have first preference if they want to perform. Praise and Worship is
performing at the Banquet.  Other classes will not be decided until we know
how many other performers will be there.
5.  Beginner Band classes and Intermediate Band classes will meet in their
separate classes this week.
6.  Teachers will finish evaluations of all students in performing classes
and theory classes.  These will be sent home with the student sometime in
January or February.  Have your children bring back their evaluation signed
by a parent to receive a free ticket for the prize store.
7.  PSHP T-shirt sales start January 31 and run through February 28.  $9.50
for T-shirts.  Please stop by near the Information Table.
8.  The Yearbook Staff is busy preparing our Yearbooks this year.  All of
the orders are placed and paid for online with a company that we have used
for the last 4 years.  The cost of the Yearbook will be $18.93.  Yearbooks
will be ready to pick up at the Final Picnic on Friday, May 22 and even
maybe on our last day of class on Friday, May 15.  Please let me know if you
have any questions or problems.
Go to  <>
Enter PSHP passcode:   1014740501293185
9. Yearbook class will help with class ensemble retake pictures when you
aren’t in class.

1.  Saturday, February 15 eight PSHP Choir students attended the SBU High
School Invitational Choir Day.  Congrats to:  Branden Bruton, Joy Clay,
Keaton Cymbaluk, Vanessa Ellingsworth, Anna Faust, Jonathon Maes, Marissa
Lawson, and Gloria Talmage and their teachers Suzannah Pugh, Jennifer Sinn,
Heather Nelson, Brandi Doyle, and Beth Falukos.
2.  Thank you to Veronica Kuschel who arranged for two more Fuddrucker’s
Fundraisers on March 27 and June 12.
3.  Thank you to Jenny Roach who arranged for a representative from OTC to
be at PSHP on Friday, February 14 from 12:30-1:30 in the Sanctuary.
4.  Thank you to Andrea MeCotter for her help with organizing the graduation
and the celebration reception afterwards.
5.  Thank you to Andrea McCotter for her transcript class.  If you missed
the class, she has handouts of what a transcript should look like and also
idea for high school history classes.
6.  Thank you to the PSHP string quartet of Nathan Price, Eli Price, Hope
Barker, and Leah Burks who performed for Glendale Gardens Valentine’s Day
7. Thank you to the PSHP string trio of Nathan Price, Eli Price, and Leah
Burks who joined Kathy Love in performing for a luncheon at Victory Mission
8.  Thank you to everyone who donated as we celebrated our student teacher’s
at their luncheon last Friday.

Looking Ahead
Hall Monitors for Friday, February 28, 2020
8:45-11:00       Stephanie Bumgardner, Geraldine Thomas
11:00-1:00       Casey Hrycyk
12:45-2:45       Z. Collins
1:45-3:45         Kim Jackson

Friday, February 28, 2020
Any student in Praise and Worship or Concert Choir can audition for the
vocal solo in our combined song:  He Will Hold Me Fast on Friday, February
28 at 10:45 for P and W and at 11:00 for Concert Choir students.  See below
for link to listen to it.

For All Advanced groups: Combined Piece: “He Will Hold Me Fast”
“He Will Hold Me Fast” –  note, there is not an orchestra and band recording
of our specific arrangement that I have located.  However, this link is the
same Choir arrangement.  We will likely handle solo’s slightly differently,
but you can hear the identical choir parts.

Combined piece-He Will Hold Me Fast –

Calendar Reminders:
1.   Please look to sign up for events on the Sign Up Genius links mentioned
in the email.
2.  Graduation date is Saturday, May 9 at 1:00 at Asbury.

Concerts to Attend
1.  Steuart Pincombe, an area cellist and former home schooler, will be
having a cello recital to promote and raise funds for his upcoming  CD  at
the Savoy Ballroom, on Saturday, February  at 2:00.  The address is 224 E.
Commercial in Springfield.  The recital is free, but donations are
appreciated.  Check out more about him at     or

All choir students will have access to their music by this sound cloud
account.  We are excited to share with you that practice recordings and
vocal exercises can now be accessed through SoundCloud.  Please download the
free app or access through a desktop computer at:


Once an account is made, search for the user:  PSHPsings and click follow.
Once you are following PSHPsings, scroll to the bottom of the homepage and
select Playlists.
The playlists feature is organized in a way that will allow you to select a
specific choir, song, and specific voice part.
All choir music is uploaded.
Please contact Suzannah Dolanc Pugh  <> or Jennifer Sinn  <> with any questions or concerns.

Fuddruckers PSHP Fundraiser
Please sign up below to work at Fuddruckers in March and June.  Here’s the
link for the volunteer sign up for Fuddruckers.

Dates are:
*         Friday, March 7          Springfield Fuddruckers from 4-8
*         Friday, June 12           Branson Fuddruckers from 11-8

Spanish 1 Class
Alissa Glover is a certified teaching and would be interested in teaching a
Spanish 1 class for students seeking high school transcript credit on
Fridays at Asbury.  Please contact her if you are interested at:
417-576-5446.  Prices and curriculum will be decided after talking to the

Prayer Concerns
1.  Angie Richardson and family as she is traveling to MD Anderson in
Houston, Texas for her cancer treatment.  Prayers as the last treatment was
not working, so they are looking at other treatment options.
2.  Lizzie Lane’s mom, Dawn Lane, had a brain bleed in the fall and is still
recovering.  Prayers please as she is at home, but requires a lot of help.
Please stop by the Information Table to sign up to bring a meal to bless
this family.
3.  Bonita Holtkamp, mom to Jaslyn, was diagnosed with stage 4 gallbladder
cancer.  She has discontinued  treatment, as it was not working, and is on
Hospice.  Please stop by the Information Table to sign up to bring a meal to
bless this family.
4.  Pray for all PSHP students, PSHP teachers, and their families.
5.  The McCotters’ step grandfather who is in rehab in Forsyth.
6.  For good health for everyone here and  around the world and to avoid the
germs and viruses.

1.  Please empty liquid out of any cups before you put them in the trashcan.
The clean-up crew thanks you ahead of time.
2.  Please show respect to all of the adults on Friday.  We have hall
monitors that help keep order in the hallways and kitchen for when students
are not in class.  These adults are a huge blessing to those of us that are
teaching.  Please be respectful when you are reminded to do something.
3.  Please be considerate of others if you are sick and review the sickness
policy.  Please don’t attend classes or volunteer if you have had a fever or
contagious illness in the last 24 hours.  Thank you for your consideration
as we don’t want to share our germs and we have many with compromised immune
4.  Please recycle soda cans in the container by the soda machines.
5.  Please don’t use the doorbell on the south doors by the office.  That is
for the office only when the office doors are locked during the week
6.  PLEASE tell your female family members that NO Feminine Products are
allowed to be flushed in the Asbury toilets please.
7.   Just a reminder that Asbury is a no nut church, so PSHP should not have
anything with nuts.
8.  Just a reminder that no children should be left unattended at Asbury
when they are not in class if they are 12 and younger.  An older sibling
that is at least 15, may be responsible for the younger sibling, if the
older sibling is not in class at the time.

Student Awareness and Safety
Please be sure to talk to your children and youth and give them limits about
leaving campus.  PSHP is not a closed campus.  Some youth walk to a nearby
restaurant to get lunch, etc.  This is fine as long as the parents have
given permission for that to happen.  Please be very specific, if you as
their parents, allow them to walk off the Asbury property or be driven by
anyone else, and whether that is an adult driver or a student driver.  The
Asbury neighborhood is not as safe as it once was.  PSHP is concerned for
the safety of all of our students and families.  We have safety people
assigned that are always at the entrance to the Sanctuary and in the parking
lot.  Please feel free to talk to any of them if you have any concerns.
Thank you to our Safety Team!!