PSHP Notes 4.1.2022

Hello PSHP,

Please note there are a lot of important announcements and please read all of this email!! I don’t want anyone to miss out on anything.

  • STREET CLOSING April 1:  Please not that Campbell will be closed from March 30-April 2 for the Bass Pro Event.  Campbell will be closed from Sunshine to Cherokee.  If you come to Asbury from the south you will need to avoid Campbell and Sunshine.  Sunshine street is open, but will be congested!  Please allow extra time to get to Asbury.  I recommend using other streets and coming in from the north.  There is an entrance on the east side of the church on South street.
  • Student Teacher and Teacher Luncheon April 1.  Food will be served in Room 104 and eaten in Rooms 102 or 103.
  • Get to Know You BINGO mixer March 25 and April 1
  • Student Evaluations Done in class this spring, then sent home with each student
  • PSHP Pizza Day is Friday, April 8.  Please pre-order how many slices of pizza that you want by Wednesday, April 6th.   Any student, teacher, or family members are welcome to order pizza over lunch to visit and catch up! Feel free to bring a blanket and eat outside or join us in the Fellowship Hall.  Bring your own drinks or bring 65 cents for the soda machine.

Check out your choices (both GF and others) and sign-up below by April 6.


  • April 29 will be a normal class schedule.  The Mock Judging has been canceled this year.
  • May 6 will be a normal class schedule.  The Music Contest Day has been canceled this year due to our shorter year.
  • Add May 20 to your calendar for a PSHP “Fun”draiser at Asbury from 5:30-7:30.  We will be taking orders for hamburgers and hotdogs for our fun event, as well as carnival games!!  We will be asking for donations for a silent auction.  You can donate a basket or bring in items that we can put into a basket.  Donation deadline is May 13.

Relaxing CoVid Guidelines

PSHP is looking at lifting the masks starting Friday, April 8,  but having masks be optional.  Please email my by April 6 if you have any concerns about not masking.  I don’t want to put any of our immuno-compromised students or teachers at risk.  I will make an announcement about masks in the April 7th newsletter.  There is a possibility that a few classes might still need to mask in class to protect their classmates.    Email Kathy at:

Announcements for Friday, April 1

Hall Monitor (Check in at the Information Table each week)

            8:45-11:00       Becca Powell, Lynette Brady




  • Payment Day this Friday.  Please pay for 3 Fridays.  It looks like if you are current with your bill and we meet all of the  scheduled Fridays, that you will only owe for one Friday in May, plus the church usage fee and concert fee.
  • Bach orchestra handed out 2 books last week to all the students:  Movie Favorites and Broadway Favorites that have been added to your family fee.  Each book costs $7.
  • Hand Me Around Clothing, Music, and Book has been extended one more week to include this Friday, April 1.  Bless others with things you no longer need and come look and take things that you can use.  At the end of the day, the clothes will be donated.
  • Get to know you Bingo.  Stop by the Information Table to pick up a BINGO card.  We will have these available to students and adults March 25 and April 1.  Bring them back to the Information Table completely filled to receive a prize.
  • Senior t-shirt and Senior hoodies order can be paid for and picked up at the Payment Table.
  1. Senior t-shirts $11 or $13
  2. Senior hoodies $24 or $26
  • PSHP T-shirt orders have been ordered. Cost will be $12 per shirt ($14 for size 2X and up.)  You can pay tomorrow or wait until you pick them up.
  • 8:45 Room Change:  Young Beginner Guitar class has a permanent room change from the Nook to the Connections Office in the south hallway across from the church office.
  • Room changes due to  the Student Teacher and Adult Teacher Luncheon April 1

o   11:00               Intermediate Harp Theory moved to the Connections Office in the south hallway

o   12:20 & 12:45 All Independent Theory classes will meet upstairs in Room 203

o   12:45               Harp Ensemble will meet in the Sanctuary


Looking Ahead

  • PSHP will meet all Friday between now and May 20, except for Friday, April 15 (Good Friday/Easter break).
  • Hall Monitor for Friday, April 8

Sign up if you are available to help either by emailing me or signing up at the Information Table.

I only have one person signed up between now and May 20!!


`           11:00-1:00



Prayer Concerns

Please be in prayer for two families that have been a part of PSHP in the past:

  1.   Mike Barker, Dad to Hope and Adam, passed away suddenly from a brain bleed.
  2.   Jacque Shultz, Dad to Gracie, Tess, and Xavier, passed away last week .

A joy that Myrah (Wheeler) and Sam Carpenter, had a healthy baby girl yesterday.

Thank Yous

  1. Brahms’ members performed for the State Lion’s Club dinner at Twin Oaks last Saturday.Thank you for sharing your talent.