PSHP Gibbons Registration Fall 2022

ALL persons new to PSHP, returning members not yet registered on the Gibbons Website, and returning members with new students need to REGISTER on the Gibbons system before students can be assigned to classes:
Please register online at
PSHP will have to grant you assess to join the portal.
After your information is added, we can add you into your classes that you already registered for.
If your students are already on Gibbons system, then you do not need to re-register them.
Parents registering their students click on Student Applications. Fill out an Application for each student in your family. If you are a parent and teacher, a student teacher, or safety team, we will add you as teachers/staff on the administrative side later. Teachers who are currently NOT registering any students of PSHP students should click on Staff Applications.
Please note the following:
Student Application Form
  • Only fill out fields with an *asterisk on them. We are unable to remove fields or alter drop-down options at this time and do not need the information from non-required fields.
  • Please Note – For students to access their own Portal (to access schedules, assignments, and lesson plans), please list their email under Student Contact.
  • Please enter 2022-2023 as the Anticipated Year of Entry
  • Special Needs and Medical Needs are at the parent’s discretion to share with us. This will be kept confidential for only for the teacher’s information.
Staff Application Form
  • Please upload a photo where it requests Curriculum Vitae.
  • Over the next few days, please watch your email for a link to your Parent, Student, and/or Teacher Portal. Further instructions and information on using this portal will be sent out closer to September 9.
If you have any questions or problems with the Gibbon portal, please use this email address:
Classes start September 9!