Parents Teachers and Student Notes for 3.2.2017

Music Notes for Friday, March 2, 2018

Hall Monitors

8:45-11:00       Rebecca Tucker, Diana Garbuzov, Tracy Phillips

11:00-1:00       Shelly Pichler, Lisa Jarvis

12:45-2:45       Terra McAllister

1:45-3:45         Dey Robillard


PSHP Board Member:  Shelly Burks



  1. All Beginner Band and Intermediate Band classes will meet together in their combined classes this week at either their normal 8:45 Beginner Band class or their 10:00 Intermediate Band class.
  2. Beginner Orchestra students will meet in their smaller classes this week.
  3. TOMORROW IS PAYMENT DAY. Please pay for your 3 weeks for March and your church payment fee.  Your May fees will be adjusted to show the 3 Fridays that we have cancelled in January and February.
  4. Combined practice of all students performing Agnus Dei and The Lord Bless You and Keep You will take place next Friday, March 2 at Noon in the Sanctuary. We will be performing these at the Banquet on March 3.  There will be extra copies provided if you don’t have yours from last year or are a new student this year.
  5. Graduate Information is due on Friday, March 9.  Please turn in the information to the Information Table.
  6. PLEASE NOTE:  The Hand Me Around has been rescheduled for Friday, April 6.  Sorry for the change.  We have too much going on tomorrow with Banquet planning and prepping and having missed 3 Fridays in January and February. Thanks for your understanding!!
  7. Please bring any breadmakers to the Asbury kitchen tomorrow.  The Bradleyswill be making the breadsticks for our banquet.  Label your breadmaker with your name and be sure to take it home on Friday with you.  Thank you so much.
  8. Any help would  be appreciated in the Asbury kitchen on Friday to help theBradleys.  Stop by even if you just have a few minutes to spare.  Thank you so much.
  9. PSHP T-shirt orders are in.  Please stop by the payment table to pay for them and pick them up.  Prices are $9 per t-shirt, plus upcharge for larger sizes ($2 for 2X, $3 for 3X) and $13 per polo shirt.
  10. Schedule changes from original schedule due to our 3 absences in January and February!

Friday, March 2

  • Noon combined practice of The Lord Bless you and Keep Youand Agnus Dei in the Sanctuary.
  • No teacher’s meeting today, but stop by the Information Table for your contract laborer pay.
  • NO Yearbook meeting, as most will be in the combined practice at Noon.
  • Hand Me Around has been rescheduled for Friday, April 6th. You will have Spring Break and Easter Break to gather more treasures to give away to bless others.  Check your closets and book shelves!


Friday, March 9

  • All teacher meeting of both performing and theory teachers and student theory teachers upstairs in Room 202 and 203



Extra Notes about March 3 Banquet

  1. Please notify anyone that you sold tickets to already that the location has changed to North Nixa Baptist Church at 1730 N. State Highway CC in Nixa, MO 65714.
  2. If you have someone that bought a table of 8, we will need to let them know that the table size at our new location is only 6 people per table, but that we will sit them at adjacent tables.  We are also going to call them.
  3. We need all hand on deck to make this special event a reality and an enchanted evening.

Friday prep work will be happening in the Asbury kitchen from 8:30 to 3:30.

Saturday decoration and prep work will be happening at North Nixa Baptist Church from 9:00 am to 9:30 pm.

Sign up to help or work the banquet at the sign up links below:


ADD LINKS  (already sent out in Wednesday email)


Important Times for Saturday, March 3

North Nixa Baptist Church, 1730 N. State Highwayy CC, Nixa, MO 65714.

People will be at North Nixa all day.  If you didn’t have a chance to sign-up to help, please feel free to just stop by.

9:00                 Decoration, Prepping and Cooking

3:00                 Food Servers arrive for training

4:00                 Drink Servers arrive for training

4:30                 Host and Hostesses arrive for training

5:00 or after    Performers Arrive (arrive at least 20 minutes before your performance time.  There are no scheduled warm-up times.)

5:00 or after    Servers and Performers eat in student area


Performers for Saturday, March 3 Banquet (times are approximate) BRING MUSIC STAND and MUSIC

A sound system and keyboard will be provided.  (Thanks Dan Updegrave)

5:40                 Harp Ensemble

5:55                 Classical Guitar Ensemble

6:05                 Welcome and prayer by Kathy Love

6:10                 Klaire Turney, piano

6:15                 Ellingsworth String Quartet (Vanessa Ellingsworth, Michaela Roberson, Hope Barker, Leah Burks)

6:22                 Jessica and Erica Bradley Clarinet Duet

6:25                 Jewel Clay and Company (Jewel Clay, Heather Huff, Tommy Palmer, Jenna Clay, Joy Clay)

6:30                 Select Wind Ensemble

6:40                 Nathan Price String Trio (Nathan Price, Hope Barker, Kathy Love)

6:50                 Shelby McCotter, vocal

7:00                 Tommy Palmer String Trio (Tommy Palmer, Sarah Land, Joy Clay)

7:10                 Jazz Ensemble

7:20                 Willingham and Land String Quartet (Clarissa W., Sarah Land, Sage W., Josiah W.)

7:30                 Brahms Chamber Orchestra

7:50                 Finale with combined group:  Agnus Dei and The Lord Bless You and Keep You



  1. Calendar Update

Please add Saturday, April 28 at 2:30 to your calendar for the first PSHP Graduation Ceremony.  Location will be in the  Asbury Sanctuary.

Most of the high school students in advance classes will be performing for this event.  More details later.

See Kathy Love or Andrea McCotter if you have any questions.

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