Parents, Students and Teachers Notes for 3.9.2018

Music Notes for Friday, March 9, 2018

Hall Monitors

8:45-11:00       Amber Neil, Julia Guthrie

10:00-12:00     Shelly Tomlinson

11:00-1:00       Amber Jones, Shari Wilder

12:45-2:45       Maggie Riegle

1:45-3:45         Andrea McCotter

PSHP Board Member:  Jennifer Roberson


  1. All Beginner Band and Intermediate Band classes will meet separate in their smaller classes this week at either their normal 8:45 Beginner Band class or their 10:00 Intermediate Band class.
  2. Beginner Orchestra students will meet in their smaller classes this week.
  3. Last week wasPAYMENT DAY. Please pay for your 3 weeks for March and your church payment fee.  Your May fees will be adjusted to show the 3 Fridays that we have cancelled in January and February.
  4. Graduate Information and $75 is due tomorrow Friday, March 9. Please turn in the information to the Information Table.
  5. PLEASE NOTE:  The Hand Me Around has been rescheduled for Friday, April 6.  Sorry for the change.  We have too much going on tomorrow with Banquet planning and prepping and having missed 3 Fridays in January and February. Thanks for your understanding!!
  6. PSHP T-shirt orders are in.  Please stop by the payment table to pay for them and pick them up.  Prices are $9 per t-shirt, plus upcharge for larger sizes ($2 for 2X, $3 for 3X) and $13 per polo shirt.
  7. Schedule changes from original schedule due to our 3 absences in January and February!

Friday, March 9

  • All adult performing class teachers meeting upstairs in Room 203 at 12:10
  • All adult and student theory teachers meeting upstairs in Room 210-211 at 12:10.  Please note that if you are on the Yearbook Staff that you will need to go to your Yearbook meeting and not your theory teacher meeting.

Thank you for the  March 3 Banquet

Thank you to everyone that was involved in the special banquet last Saturday. We had a great day thanks to the efforts of so many. I don’t have all of the figures in, but will update with a total profit for our fundraiser soon.  An evening of great food and wonderful music was had by all.

Yearbook Deadline

April 6 is the deadline to receive 2 free personalized pages for your yearbook

April 23 is the deadline to receive free shipping

Price is $17. 93 for each book.

Orders placed after April 23 will have additional shipping costs, but will be shipped directly to your home address.

Check out the website and use this passcode:


            Passcode:  1014740501293185

Attending The Magic Flute Opera by Mozart with PSHP group

Melanie Bush and her PSHP music history class are attending the Magic Flute at the Gillioz Theater on Friday, April 13 at 7:30.  The group rate for tickets is $24.00, but I am checking into this to see if we can get an additional discount. Any are invited to attend!

Please sign up on the google form below or we will have a sign up at the Information Table also.

Both Melanie Bush and Kathy Love will be attending

Calendar Update

Please add Saturday, April 28 at 2:30 to your calendar for the first PSHP Graduation Ceremony.  Location will be in the  Asbury Sanctuary.

Most of the high school students in advance classes will be performing for this event.  More details later.

See Kathy Love or Andrea McCotter if you have any questions.