Parents and Teachers notes for Friday, December 9, 2016

Please check the attachments for the following:


Please check the PSHP Handbook, p. 16-18, for Performance Dress Code for the Concerts on Dec. 3 and Dec. 10

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Performance Code from the Handbook 2016-2017



Please check here for the schedule and groups for Friday, Dec. 9 Concert  at Asbury.  One addition to the Dec. 9 schedule is the addition of the Music Composition Class at 12:30.  Warm Up at Noon in Room 212.

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Concerts for Younger Classes at Asbury, Friday, December 9th, 2016



Dec. 9 Notes

  1. Tomorrow is only a concert day for the beginner, intermediate, and middle school age classes. No regular classes will meet tomorrow.  Each student will come for a warm-up at the designated time, perform, then will be able to leave.  There will be a photo op at the end of each group for any parent.  Check the Dec. 9 Concert Info Sheet as everything is listed on there.
  2. Please invite family and friends to attend our special day tomorrow. We will not perform before our scheduled time, as I don’t want any audience members to miss their child’s performance.
  3. A change to the Dec. 9 schedule is that in the afternoon we will not be performing at any nursing homes. Those have been moved to Thursday, Dec. 22.
  4. Brahms and Bel Canto (and any Beethoven and Concert Choir that want to join) will perform at Winterfest tomorrow night. Arrive at 4:40. Performance from 5:00-5:45.



Parent Notes:

  1. December payments of 3 Fridays where due plus a $7 concert fee per family. If you have a payment, please put it in an envelope with your name and hand it to Kathy Love.  I will be in the Sanctuary most of the day.
  2. Students will stay with their class tomorrow from their warm-up time, until after they perform.You can meet them in their warm-up room after their performance or in the Fellowship Hall.
  3. Please bring your 2 dozen cookies to the Asbury kitchen if you signed up to help.
  4. Beginner Orchestra will unpack in the Fellowship Hall tomorrow. Put your cases against the wall, and not in the way of the walking path.
  5. Check with your student and ask about their evaluation that should be handed to them in class in the last 2 weeks.  This will give you an idea how they are doing.
  6. Please check over the concert schedules very carefully for Dec. 9.
  7. One addition to the Dec. 9 schedule is the addition of the Music Composition Class at 12:30.
  8. All of the pictures that were ordered from our photographer Breanna O’Bryan will be available at the Info Table tomorrow. If you can’t pick them up on Dec. 9 you could also stop by Asbury on Wednesday, Dec. 14 from 11:00 am to 8:45 pm.


Student Notes

  1. After your performance tomorrow please be sure to stop by the table in the Fellowship Hall for your cookies.  The cookies are just for the performers on their special day.
  2. Students will stay with their class tomorrow from their warm-up time, until after they perform.
  3. Remember to keep up your musical skills over our break.  Our next class will not be until  Jan. 6th!


Brahms Orchestra Students

We have been invited to perform at Governor Elect Greiten’s Inauguration Prayer Breakfast on Monday, Jan. 9 in Jefferson City.  This is a wonderful opportunity for all of us.  Our former PSHP student, Joshua Carr (and Alisha Titus’s brother) has invited us and is making all of the arrangements.

Please RSVP if you can attend at

We can work out details of transportation and spending the night Sunday, night Jan. 8 (for free)  as we know our numbers.

We are also invited to attend the rest of the festivities in Jefferson City that day the Inauguration and the Governor’s Ball, if you want, but you would need an official invite.  RSVP that also.

Details:  Monday, Jan. 9

  • 7:45 amArrive at St. Peters Church in Jefferson City
  • @8:30 amStart playing prelude
  • 9:00-10:00Service


Set-Up Notes

Set-Up Crew can arrive at 9:00.  The set up crew only needs to set chairs in the warm-up room and add a keyboard to Room 212.  .  Please see the Dec. 9 Concert Info Sheet for Room Numbers.  Leave the fellowship hall tables the same, except for adding long tables for cookies.


Clean-Up Crew

Please help put away chairs in warm-up rooms that are finished.  Check the signs on the door, to see if the room is done for the day.  Thank you for your help!