Parent, Teacher and Student Notes for Friday, 9.21.2018

Notes for Friday, September 21, 2018

Hall Monitor

8:45-11:00       Julie Guthrie, Sarah Forrester, Jennifer Mitchell

11:00-1:00       Reese Minasian, Marie Chapman

12:45-2:45       Angela Wheeler, Hollie Marling

1:45-3:45         Twyla Willingham


Parent and Student Notes for September 21, 2018

  1. Each family will pay their September bill  for 3 weeks in September.  This will reflect your student’s classes plus any credits that your family has earned through student teaching or work crews.  The payment table is located in the Fellowship Hall and will be open from 8:45-3:00.
  2. All new families are invited to a new family mixer at either 10:00 or 2:00 in the Fellowship Hall.  We will provide snacks, drinks, and a goody bag with helpful information to help as you navigate your first year at PHSP!  We are so glad you joined our PSHP family!
  3. Have students report directly to class.  Look on the door for the room signs or ask at the Information Table in the Fellowship Hall if you have any questions.
  4. Any parent are invited to be a part of our monthly PSHP Friend’s Meeting that meets upstairs in Room 203.  Please feel free to bring your lunch as we get acquainted and help plan for the teacher luncheon on October 26 and plan for student pictures.  We would love your help and your input.
  5. Yearbook students and advisors will meet at Noon in the room across from the Asbury office.
  6. Adoration Band will be meeting in the Sanctuary this year from 12:45-1:40.
  7. All orchestra students in classes Intermediate Orchestra and up will have chair audition results tomorrow.
  8. Sign Up for Individual or Sibling picture packages of your family and/or  your children,  which you can order.  Pictures will be taken outside on October 26 and November 2.  Try to sign up when your children are not in classes, if at all possible.
  9. Be sure to check the website for class assignments or bonus questions.  Each student ages 8-13 in the beginner or intermediate classes will receive a ticket for each 30 minutes of practice.  These tickets can be redeemed at the end of each semester for prizes.



Calendar Updates

  1. Please add a meeting for Seniors and their parents in the Sanctuary on October 5 at Noon.  This is a changed date from October 26.


Thank Yous!

Thank you to last years’ students in  Beethoven and Brahms that performed for the Springfield Symphony Pre-Concert last Saturday evening.  They did a great job of representing PSHP and home school students with their superb mannerisms and musicality.



Nathan Price, violinist, and Ava Powell, harpist, were both accepted and are members of the Springfield Youth Symphony.   Their next concert is Tuesday, December 4 at 7:30 at Glendale High School.

Ava Powell is also performing for a rating at the District Missouri Music Teacher’s Association this weekend.  Say a prayer for Ava.