Parent Teacher and Student Notes for 12.1.2107

Notes for Friday, December 1, 2017


Hall Monitor

8:45-11:00       Linda Bauers, Marie Chapman, Geraldine Thomas

11:00-1:00       Nancy Lawrence, Brandi Powell

12:45-2:45       Kara Kaufman, Noelle Burgress

1:45-3:45         Jennifer Worm


PSHP Board:  Shelly Burks


Important Notes for Friday, December 1

  1. PAYMENT DAY for 3 weeks for December payments, plus $7 church usage fee, and $7 concert fee .  Each family pays for 3 weeks each month, no matter how many Fridays we meet, and we adjust your May payment to reflect any Fridays that are cancelled due to weather.
  2. Combined practice for all Beginner Orchestra students in the Sanctuary at 8:45, which includes all beginner violins, beginner violas, beginner cello/bass, and beginner harp students.
  3. Combined practice of Mary Did You Know at noon in the Sanctuary.  At 12:20 we will practice Hallelujah Chorus and Glory to God for those students that already have that music.
  4. Beginner and Intermediate Band students will be combined tomorrow into their respective bands at 8:45 and 10:00.
  5. The PSHP Prize Store in Room 104 will be open tomorrow from 10:45-3:00 for any students that wants to redeem any tickets that they have been collecting.
  6. Banquet Tickets for the annual PSHP Dinner Fundraiser will be available for sale at the payment table starting tomorrow and would make a nice Christmas gift.  The event is on Saturday, March 3, 2018 at 6:00 pm at Aldersgate Methodist in Nixa.  Our students that are ages 11-13 will be serving and students ages 14 and older will be performing in the high school age classes.  Prices are one for $15, two for $25.  You can also reserve a half table (4 seats) for $50 or a full table (8 seats) for $100.   Meat choices are chicken fettuccine or pork steak.  This is an adult event only and not intended for children.


Room Changes for Tomorrow, Friday, December 1

  1. Beginner Harp theory class at 10:00 will meet in the church office across the hall from their usual room.
  2. Older Beginner Guitar theory class at 10:00 will meet in the Connections office across from the church office.
  3. 2nd year Singer’s choir theory at 12:45 (Mrs. Kelli’s class) will meet upstairs in Room 203.
  4. New to PSHP Mezzo Theory class at 1:45 will meet in the Connections office across from the church office, unless you are already combinng with another class.


Teachers Notes

Please stop by the Information Table for your check, if applicable.

If you have a class that is performing I will need program information by Friday evening at 7:00 pm for both our December 2 concert and December 8 concert.

Please hand out all of the student evaluations tomorrow.

Beginner theory classes that are at 10:00 can go as a class to the prize store at 10:45 if you want.


Student Notes

Remember to bring all of your practice and incentive tickets tomorrow to redeem at the Prize Store from 10:45-3:00 in Room 104.


Photo Packages are Ready

Please stop by the Information Table to pick up your photo packages that were taken and ordered on October 27 and November 3.  Thank you to Jennifer Mitchell for the wonderful pictures.


Meal Sign Ups for the Bush family

I will have a sign-up at the Information Table for preparing meals for Melanie Bush and her family. She and her husband Dustin, are band, choir, and theory teachers here at PSHP.  Melanie has been put on bedrest for the rest of her pregnancy.  She is on a low salt diet and no refined or process foods.  They have 5 children at home, 11 years old and younger.  Contact Judy Cymbaluk if you have any questions:  or 417-770-2315


Prizes Needed for the Prize Store on December 1

We are accepting donations for the prize store that will be open on Friday, December 1.  Drop them off at the Information Table.  The prize store is for students that have earned tickets for practice, etc.  Many students use this as a chance to shop for Christmas presents for family members.  The ages that use the store are from ages 8-13.

Some ideas of prizes are:

Pencils, erasers, big bubbles, sidewalk chalk, Frisbees, match box cars, playing cards, notepads, glow in the dark items, penny candy, gift cards for fast food, Incredible Pizza, miniature golf.  Music items are also appreciated like:  rosin, guitar picks, valve oil, music stand.


Extra Class Notes

  1. All students-Bring your Christmas music with you to class.
  2. Beginner Band (8:45-10:00) and Intermediate Band (10-11) will be combined tomorrow for their class time during their normal class time.
  3. Upcoming rehearsals:
  • Combined practice on Friday, December 1 at Noon in the Sanctuary for all students that are preparing Mary Did You Know? (Beethoven, Brahms, Concert Choir, Bel Canto, Praise and Worship, Adoration Band)
  • Combined practice for all beginner orchestra students (beginner violin, beginner viola, beginner cello/bass, beginner harp) in the Sanctuary at 8:45 on Friday December 1.


Set-Up Crew and Clean-Up Crew

All of the beginner and intermediate band classes will be in their combined classes for the morning.

All of the beginner orchestra students will be meeting in the Sanctuary so we will need 35 chairs set up in the Sanctuary in the morning.


Upcoming Concerts and Events

  1. December 2 Location for Christmas Concert location has been found!!  This is for the more advanced classes and high school students in Beethoven, Brahms, Harp Ensemble, Concert Choir, Bel Canto, Advance Guitar, Classical Guitar Ensemble, Praise and Worship, Adoration Band, Select Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble and Percussion Ensemble.  Thank you to Dan Updegrave and Calvary Baptist in Republic, MO.  804 US Highway 60 West.  Time of the concert is 2:00.  Warm-ups will be at Noon and after.  More details to follow!  See email that was sent out Wednesday for more details, maps, and rooms.

            PSHP Bands meet in Room 210 Gym

            PSHP Choir meet in the Choir Room

            PSHP Guitars and Praise and Worship meet in Room 403-404.

            PSHP Orchestras and Harp Ensemble meet in the Fellowship Hall.  Harps can leave their instruments on the stage in the Worship Center after they warm-up.


  1. December 8 Information.  Concert is a come and go concert.  Please plan to arrive 30” before your performance time.  NO classes will be held on this day, just the 10-15 minute performance at Asbury in the Sanctuary.  Please invite friends and family.  Wear the concert attire as is published in the Handbook.

10:00   Beginner Orchestra

10:10   Intermediate Orchestra

10:20   Advance Intermediate Orchestra

10:35   Bach Orchestra

10:55   Younger Beginner Guitar

11:05  Older Beginner Guitar

11:15   Intermediate Guitar

11:25   Recorder

11:35   Beginner Band

11:45   Intermediate Band

12:00   Singers Choir

12:15   Mezzo Choir

12:30   Music Composition Students


  1. Tuesday, December 12 performance at Barnes and Noble from 6:00-7:00.  Groups that are performing:  Singer’s Choir, Mezzo Choir, Concert

Choir, Bel Canto, Beethoven, and Brahms.  Please note that the Singers Choir and Mezzo Choir are an addition to the schedule that was published in August.


  1. Revised nursing home performance date for Bel Canto, Concert Choir, Beethoven, and Brahms:  We will only be performing at nursing homes on Friday, December 22 (please disregard the earlier dates of December 8 afternoon and also none on December 15)

Revised schedule, Friday, December 22

10:45               Meet at Creekside      1602 S. Fort

11:15-12:10     Perform at Creekside

12:20-1:20       Lunch at Asbury (we are looking into catering Chick-Fil-A if the price is right), but the rest would be provided by the students as follows.

  • Guys last name A-L     Bring one 2L bottle of soda or tea to share
  • Guys last name M-Z    Bring one bag of cookies, etc. to share
  • Girls last name A-L     Bring one bag of chips to share
  • Guys last name M-Z    Bring some type of veggie to share (carrot sticks, salad, bottle of salad dressing, shredded cheese, mushrooms, celery, cucumbers, veggie tray, croutons)

1:45                 Arrive at Glendale Gardens   3535 E. Cherokee        (Off of E. Sunshine, by the E. Sunshine Sam’s.  Turn south onto Bedford.  Take it as it curves to the west)

2:00-2:45         Perform at Glendale Gardens



Upcoming Fundraiser and Christmas Present Possibilities

SHOP at the following etsy website:

For free shipping and to pick up your items at PSHP, use coupon code PSHP2017

If you have questions, please contact Susan at:

or 816-805-3609


Please stop by the PSHP Information Table to check out items that can be ordered online or here at PSHP.  Items include t-shirts, mugs, PSHP Canvas Music bags, Luggage tags to label instruments, jewelry, etc.  Thank you to Susan Rives for sharing her talents with the rest of us.  Check the website for pictures of the canvas music bag!  We can save on shipping by ordering on line and having it shipped to one address, then it can be distributed.  We also have other options.