Orchestra: Younger Beginner Violin Assignments for 11.9.2017

Here’s a video of the correct bow hold for beginners!  We have not used the bow in class yet but this is a great intro to go with what we talked about Friday:


Practice these pieces:

Up and Down the D Scale:  p. 11, #32 then #31

Rolling Along:  p. 8, #19

Good King Wenceslas:  p. 9, #20

Seminole Chant:  p. 9, #21

Lightly Row:  p. 9, #22

New ones to work on: 

Dreidel:  p. 13, #36

Old McDonald:  p. 14,#4

Jingle Bells:  p. 14, #41

Ticket challenge:

1. With a parents’ help, make an account on https://www.essentialelementsinteractive.com

Try using the accompaniment recordings to practice your pieces with!

2.  In Jingle Bells p. 14, #41 Write the note names under each note