Orchestra: Brahms Assignments for 9.14.2018

Brahms Orchestra

We will not have seat auditions for this class, but spend your time practicing for your Beethoven seat auditions and for the Symphony Pre-Concert.

Last Year’s Beethoven and Brahms Students

Performing for the Pre-Concert at the Symphony Concert, Saturday, September 15.

NOTE:  The Pre-concert music, performed by last year’s Beethoven and Brahms students,  is open and free to the public.  If student performers wish to stay and listen to the 7:30 Springfield Symphony they can attend for free, but I need to reserve a seat for them.  If anyone else wants to sit in the same section as the students as a PSHP group, you can reserve your seat for $10.

See the following details:

  1. Please notify me by Monday afternoon at 3:00 pm if you desire a seat for the optional 7:30 concert of the Springfield Symphony.  Performers of the Pre-Concert have free seats, but all others are $10 per seat.  Everyone will be able to sit as a group this way.    KALcello@cs.com
  2. Friday rehearsal at Asbury, for those that can, from 4:45-5:30 in the Sanctuary.
  3. Bring music for the following, if you have it still:  We will choose from the following.  Some of these songs are just Brahms songs.
  • I Love You Lord (Sounds of Celebration, Book 1)
  • As the Deer (Sounds of Celebration, Book 1)
  • Mission Impossible (Movie Favorites)
  • Palladio
  • Lullaby
  • Eine Klein Nachtmusik
  • Stars and Stripes Forever (Patriotic Favorites)
  1. Saturday please arrive by 6:30 at JKHammons Hall, 525 S. Hammons Parkway on the campus of MSU.  Wear your concert black.
  2. Pre-Concert Music from 6:55-7:20
  3. You can leave after the pre-concert music if you are not staying for the 7:30 concert.