Orchestra: Beethoven Orchestra Assignments for 2.15.2019

Beethoven Orchestra

Essentials for Strings:  p. 53 #1-4.  DbM and b flat minor

Songs for our concert on February 21 with Evangel’s Orchestra:

            Fantasia on Alleluia  Practice carefully from C-D

            Slavoinc Dances by Dvorak, #8 only  Don’t practice dances 5-7.

            My Fair Lady

Add back in our Handel’s Messiah Overture or Symphony that we performed at our Christmas Concert

Please try to come to an extra rehearsal on Friday at 12:30-1:25 in the Asbury Sanctuary!  We need one additional rehearsal before we go to Evangel Friday

Friday, February 15 practice at Evangel in the Instrumental Hall  in the Fine Arts Center at the very SW corner of the building.

                Schedule for this Friday, February 15

                        12:30-1:25       Beethoven and Brahms students practice in the Asbury Sanctuary

                        1:25                 Leave for Evangel

                        1:50 pm           Meet at the Instrumental Hall at Evangel.   Put instruments, etc. at the back of the rehearsal room.

                        2:00                 Meet in the hallway outside of the Instrumental Hall for our Official Evangel Tour.  Parents are also welcome.

                        3:45-4:50         Practice in the Instrumental Hall

Discuss with your parents how you are going to Evangel.

Abby Ellingsworth and myself (Kathy Love) can take extra students from Asbury to Evangel.  Email me or text me, KALcello@cs.com or 417-830-0303

If a student drives with another student they will need the permission of parents of both students in writing.

Combined Pieces:

Demo Recording/performance of Behold Our God : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UV8bv4QuDtM