Orchestra: Beethoven Orchestra Assignments for 2.14.2020

Beethoven Orchestra
Essentials for Strings: p. 50  F Major Section
Jesus Messiah
He Will Hold Me Fast     A youtube arrangement of just the Choir version of
“He Will Hold Me Fast” –
I handed out When You Believe
Please bring sheet music copies of Agnus Dei and The Lord Bless You and Keep
You, if you have them from previous years.

For All Advanced groups: Combined Piece: “He Will Hold Me Fast”

“He Will Hold Me Fast” –  note, there is not an orchestra and band recording of our specific arrangement.  However, link #1  is the same Choir arrangement.  We will likely handle solo’s slightly different, but you can hear the choir parts.

  1. Choir-He Will Hold Me Fast –


  1. Original artist recording He Wil Hold Me Fasthttps://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=h3mULtEqYPM&feature=emb_logo