Orchestra: Bach Orchestra Assignments for 3.13.2020

Bach Orchestra
A Rhythm a Week Unit 35.
High Tech Book:  Practice p.14 #6 and #9 and p. 15 #14.
Sacred Settings:  p. 11 Sweet Hour of Prayer
Movie Favorites:  Practice the string orchestra part to Raider’s March
Broadway Favorites:  Practice the string orchestra part to Circle of Life.
Violins and violas watch out for any high 3rd fingers on your lower strings.
Cellos watch for extended 4th fingers on the lower strings.
Bring back your evaluation signed by a parent for a ticket.
Peasant Dance. (Will be performed with Beethoven Orchestra)  Practice
measures 1-46, then measures 47-104.  Add in more after you feel comfortable
with these first two sections.  Practice carefully, so as to not practice in
any mistakes.
If you are having trouble with a song, break it up into manageable parts:
Write in counting
Clap the rhythms, including the rests
Say the letter names of the notes
Pizzicato the song or the part that is giving you trouble
Air bow the section if needed
Add bow to the string and play at a slow tempo, gradually
getting faster

Bonus Question:  What are diamond shaped notes?  (Hint:  Look on p. 16 in
High Tech Book)