Notes for the First Day of PSHP 9.7.2018

Notes for the First Day of PSHP , September 7, 2018

Hello All,

I am looking forward to starting music classes tomorrow.  It is the start of our 21st year!  We have been praying over the teachers, families and the students for a great first day tomorrow.



Kathy Love


Hall Monitors:

8:45-11:00       Stephanie Daniels, Julia Phelps, Kathy Arendt

11:00-1:00       Danell Posiel, Diana Garbuzor

12:45-2:45       Shawna Mann, Noelle Burgess

1:45-3:45         Christy MItchell


Notes about the first day

  1. If you have not registered or filled out all of your paperwork please arrive 30 minutes before your first class starts, so you have time.  Report to the payment table in the Fellowship Hall.
  2. If you are a new student, please report to the Sanctuary 10 minutes before your class to be prayed over and dismissed with your class.  After the first day, you can directly go to your classrooms.
  3. There is a covered entrance on the east side which works well as a drop off, but please don’t park or block any of the parking lot.
  4. If you are still missing music, it will be delivered to you in your class when it arrives if you paid for your music on Registration Day on August 24. Many of the music vouchers will be filled tomorrow.
  5. If you are on a set up team, mid-day team, or clean-up team please meet at the Information Table in the Fellowship Hall for further instructions. Each door has a door sign with post it note of what needs to be set-up in the room for the day.  Some have keyboards that might be moved to another classroom.  The Clean Up team will restore the room to the way that the picture shows on the back of the door sign.
  6. If you have any questions, please report to the Information Table in the Fellowship Hall.
  7. Please label your items with your name. Students will be given name tags to wear the first 2 weeks of class and will also be given book stickers with their name on it.  I recommend putting all of your music in a bag.
  8. Some of the rooms at Asbury don’t have room numbers at the present time, as they are in the middle of replacing them. Each door will have the class time listed and the class which meets in that room.
  9. We are looking for a few beginner orchestra violin students to switch to viola. The viola has a deeper, lower sound and fewer people play this.  It is a good choice if you are not a piano student, as the viola reads alto clef. We can change the strings from your violin to make it have viola strings.  We will do this free of charge.
  10. High School students that are taking theory at the 1:45 time will have a placement test tomorrow to be certain they are in the right level of class. Bach Orchestra theory students will also be divided into 2 or 3 different sections.
  11. High school students plan on attending a short meeting in the Sanctuary at Noon either on Friday, September or Friday, September 14.  See more below.
  12. If you have questions about your schedule check the Handbook or ask at the Information Table.


Last Year’s Beethoven and Brahms’ students.

  1. Last year’s Beethoven and Brahms class (from 2017-18) will be performing on Saturday, September 15 from 6:55-7:20 at the Springfield Symphony Pre-Concert. Come out and support these talented students-the Pre-Concert is free.  All are invited to attend the 7:30 Springfield Symphony concert for $10 a seat.  The Pre-Concert performers are admitted free to the 7:30 concert,  but will need to reserve a seat.  Please stop by the Payment Table to sign up and pay for tickets.  I have to turn our number in on Monday, September 10.
  2. Last year’s Beethoven and Brahms students will practice next Friday, September 14 from 4:45-5:30 in preparation for our concert on September 15.


High School Student Meeting

All high school students are asked to attend a meeting at noon in the Sanctuary on one of the first two Fridays to go over general information.  Plan to attend either Friday, Sept. 7 or Friday, Sept. 14.  It should only take 20 minutes.


Year Book Staff

Holly Grandinetti sent out an email with the dates of the class times.  Please let me know if you did not get this email.  The first class for Year Book will be on tomorrow Friday, September 7 at Noon.  So be sure to attend the PSHP High School meeting one of the next two Fridays at Noon in the Sanctuary.


Music Stands for Sale

Please check out the Peak Music stands SMS-20 that we have to sell for $30 each.  These stands are a little more expensive then the metal wire stands, but hold up so much better.  They normally are $42, but Dustin Bush was able to get 15 of these stands for this discounted price and we can order more.  It also comes with a carrying bag for your stand.

Stop by the payment table if you would like to see one or purchase one.


First Payment Day in Two Week

The first payment day is delayed in September, to help relieve your pocketbook.  First payment day is Friday, September 21.


Here is the current schedule and room numbers for the classes: