Notes for Friday 9.14.2018

Hello Everyone,

What a great first day of Play and Sing His Praises classes last Friday.  I had a great day and I pray that you and your family did also.

Notes for Friday, September 14, 2018

Hall Monitor

8:45-11:00       Stephanie Daniels, Julia Phelps, Kathy Arendt

11:00-1:00       Danell Posiel, Marie Chapman

12:45-2:45       Amanda Gann, Stacey Molenoff

1:45-3:45         Kim Whisman

Parent and Student Notes

  1. Have students report directly to class.  Look on the door for the room signs or ask at the Information Table in the Fellowship Hall if you have any questions.
  2. All high school students are asked to attend a short informational meeting in the Sanctuary at Noon for about 20 minutes.  You do not need to attend if you attended the meeting last week.  Thank you.
  3. Yearbook students and advisors will meet at Noon in the room across from the Asbury office.
  4. All percussion students are invited to attend a free drum set class (trap set) at Noon in the Youth Room upstairs at Noon led by our percussion instructor: Mark Pellegrino.  There will be 9 free classes this year to take advantage of for free.
  5. Adoration Band will be meeting in the Sanctuary this year from 12:45-1:40.
  6. All orchestra students in classes Intermediate Orchestra and up will have optional chair auditions tomorrow.  This is good for students who desire to be leaders in their class and sit up in the front of their section.  The violin students will be divided into a first violin section (higher notes and usually has the melody) and a second violin section (lower notes and usually has the harmony part).  The violin students will be able to sign up for their choice of first or second section, but ultimately each class will need to have a balance between first and section for balanced sound.  Those students that audition will be seated first in the section, then I will sit the remainder of the students so everyone will have a specific chair each week.  Contact Kathy at if you are absent tomorrow and want to be included in the seat audition process.

Calendar Updates

  1. Please add a meeting for Seniors and their parents in the Sanctuary on October 5 at Noon.  This is a changed date from October 26.

Looking Ahead to Next Week, September 21

  1. All new families are invited to a new family mixer on September 21 at either 10:00 or 2:00 in the Fellowship Hall.  We will provide snacks, drinks, and a goody bag with helpful information to help as you navigate your first year at PHSP!  We are so glad you joined our PSHP family!
  2. Each family will pay their September bill on the 21st for 3 weeks in September.  This will reflect your student’s classes plus any credits that your family has earned through student teaching or work crews.  The payment table is located in the Fellowship Hall and will be open from 8:45-3:00.
  3. Any family is invited to be a part of our monthly PSHP Friend’s Meeting that meets upstairs in Room 203.  Please feel free to bring your lunch as we get acquainted and help plan for the teacher luncheon on October 26 and plan for student pictures.  We would love your help and your input.

Concert Opportunities

  1. The students from last year’s Beethoven and Brahms class will be playing a free concert at the preconcert at the Springfield Symphony, Saturday, September 15.  The free preconcert is from 6:55 to 7:20 in the lobby.  You may also purchase bronze tickets at the box office for a price of @$12 for a seat to the 7:30 Symphony concert which features a guest pianist, Daniel Hsu performing the Rachmonioff 3rd Piano Concerto, Candide Overture by Berstein, Les Preludes by Liszt and Pavane by Faure’.