Notes for Friday 12.7.2018

Notes for Friday, December 7, 2018

This Friday is only a performance day for those 13 performing classes that did not perform on Saturday, December 1.  Singer and Mezzo Choirs will sing this Friday, as well as their one combined song Somewhere in My Memory.

Any high school students that want to attend or who will be attending this Friday anyway are invited to join us for Somewhere in My Memory, at 12:25 in the Sanctuary.

Friday there are only warm-up times and performance times for these groups.  NO regular classes or theory classes.

After the students perform they are invited to go to the Fellowship Hall to pick out 2 cookies.

No cases should be in the Sanctuary this Friday.

Please invite friends and family to this concert in Asbury’s Sanctuary, 1500 S. Campbell, from 10:00 am to 12:45 pm.


Parent and Student Notes for December 7, 2018

  1. Please pay your family bill for 3 Fridays in December plus your $10 concert fee per family and your $7 church fee per family, if you did not pay last Friday.  The payment table is open from 10:00-12:30 this Friday.
  2. The PSHP Directories are ready for you to pick up at the Information Table!  They look great and will be so helpful.  We have printed one per family.  It includes all of the families that gave permission to be included in the directory, plus adult teacher’s and workers are listed at the back.  Thank you to Alice Talmage, Marissa Weeks, Liz Lamberson, and Rachel Salomon.
  3. Please check the website for extra community opportunities.  One has been posted about a competition at SBU for playwriting with a deadline in mid-December.  Outside opportunities for PSHP Students.
  4. Congratulations to Brenyn Freeman for winning the T-shirt design contest.  Brenyn will sign her name to the design, plus receive a free t-shirt.  Thank you to all of the wonderful entries.
  5. If you need a Christmas gift idea, we will start selling tickets for our Fundraiser Banquet on Saturday, March 2 at 6:00 at Aldersgate Methodist in Nixa.  Prices are $15 for 1 set, $25 for 2 seats, $50 for 4 seats, and $100 for 8 seats or the whole table.  We will have fliers available this week.  Choose your table from one of these 12 countries:  Africa, Australia, Canada, China, England, France, India, Italy, Morocco, Mexico, Russia, and Scotland.
  6. Some classes have decided to wait until January to finish up their evaluations, so the classes could spend their time preparing for their Christmas Concerts.
  7. The picture packages were delayed due to Jennifer Mitchell being sick with bronchitis and being in the ER last week.  All pictures will be ready this Friday, December 7 or at Barnes and Noble on Tuesday, December 11 for the older students.  Please let me know if we need to arrange to meet you if these times are not convenient for you.
  8. For those high school students performing at the nursing homes on Friday, December 21 (Brahms, Bel Canto, and any Beethoven and Concert Choir students) we will be having London Calling catering our lunch that day at Asbury.  The lunch is open to any PSHP student or family that want to have lunch with us at Asbury from 12:00-1:15.  I have an order form of the 6 pasty’s that we can choose from and their other options.  Please place your order by December 14.  Lunch will be from $8-$12 depending on your add-ons.


Looking Ahead

No classes on Friday, December 14, 21, or 28.


Calendar Updates

  1. Tuesday, December 11 at Barnes and Noble Bookstore, 3055 S. Glenstone, towards the back of the store from 5:00-7:00 pm.

Arrive 20 minutes before each performance, as these times are approximate.

All choir students should plan to arrive by 5:45 to be ready for Somewhere in My Memory

Wear concert clothes with some red, green, gold, or silver accents.

5:00     Jazz Ensemble

5:15     Select Wind Ensemble

5:30     Brahms Chamber Orchestra

5:40     Beethoven

5:50     Bel Canto

6:00     Hallelujah Chorus

6:05     Somewhere in My Memory (All Choirs and instrumentalists)

6:10     Concert Choir

6:20     Singers Choir

6:30     Mezzo Choir

6:40     Harp Ensemble

Helpful Resources:

Calendar: PSHP SCHEDULE – MASTER 2018-2019

Handbook: PSHP HANDBOOK – MASTER V1, 2018