Music Notes for Parents Students and Teachers 2.23.2018

Music Notes for Friday, February 23, 2018

Hall Monitors

8:45-11:00       Valerie VanBebber, Marie Chapman, Jessica Williams

11:00-1:00       Shelly Pichler, Tessa Zundel

12:45-2:45       Cindy Villegas

1:45-3:45         Kelly Stinnett

PSHP Board Member:  Jennifer Roberson (am only)


  1. All Beginner Band and Intermediate Band classes will meet separated into their smaller classes this week at either their normal 8:45 Beginner Band class or their 10:00 Intermediate Band class.
  2. Beginner Orchestra students will meet in their smaller classes this week.
  3. TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAYto purchase PSHP Banquet tickets for our An Evening Out, Saturday March 3 at 6:00 at  our new location North Nixa Baptist Church at 1730 N. State Highway CC, Nixa, MO 65714.   The cost is $15 per one ticket or $25 for two tickets.  This would make a great Valentine’s Day gift. Dinner choices of chicken fettuccine or pork steak.  Theme is the 1920’s.
  4. PSHP students that were in high school classes last year, please bring The Lord Bless You and Keep You and Agnus Dei to class this week.  We will be performing these at the Banquet on March 3.  There will be extra copies provided if you don’t have yours from last year or are a new student this year. Combined practice of all students performing these songs will take place next Friday, March 2 at Noon in the Sanctuary.
  5. Schedule changes from original schedule due to our 3 absences in January and February!

Friday February 23   

  • No Noon combined rehearsal.  We will meet next Friday, March 2 at Noon in the Sanctuary.
  • NOON meeting for Friends Meeting and Banquet Planning for Adults:  decorations, food, servers, and adult teachers that have groups performing in Room 203 upstairs.
  • Yearbook Meeting

Friday, March 2

  • Noon combined practice of The Lord Bless you and Keep You and Agnus Dei in the Sanctuary.
  • No teacher’s meeting today, but stop by the Information Table for your contract laborer pay.
  • NO Yearbook meeting

Friday, March 9

  • All teacher meeting of both performing and theory teachers and student theory teachers upstairs in Room 202 and 203

Extra Notes about March 3 Banquet

  1. Please notify anyone that you sold tickets to already that the location has changed to North Nixa Baptist Church at 1730 N. State Highway CC in Nixa, MO 65714.
  2. If you have someone that bought a table of 8, we will need to let them know that the table size at our new location is only 6 people per table, but that we will sit them at adjacent tables.  We are also going to call them.
  3. We need all hand on deck to make this special event a reality and an enchanted evening.  Sign up to help or work the banquet at the sign up links below:


Help with food prep on Friday during PSHP.  Open to all!!!


Drop off food on Friday next week to help feed volunteers who are working at the Banquet on Saturday (some people stay there and work all day, We serve the students before they serve at the Banquet. These donations help us do that.

All servers and performers will be fed dinner at North Nixa Baptist Church.


Help with food prep on the day of the Banquet (morning or afternoon, or help during the Banquet to serve or wash dishes.)

Open to all.  Students sign up when you are not in class!!


Student Sign-Ups to volunteer the day of the banquet. Also, adults can sign up to help on this sheet as well.

Sign Ups for servers are intended for students ages 11-14, that are not in a high school age class.

Performers will not be serving unless we run short of servers.

  1. Any  high school student can sign up to  perform in an ensemble or solo at the PSHP Banquet, on Saturday, March 3.  Sign up at the Information Table. Tomorrow, February 23 is the last day to sign up.  Schedule will be announced next week, but will be times from 5:40 to 8:00 at the Banquet.

Calendar Update

Please add Saturday, April 28 at 2:30 to your calendar for the first PSHP Graduation Ceremony.  Location will be in the  Asbury Sanctuary.

Most of the high school students in advance classes will be performing for this event.  More details later.

See Kathy Love or Andrea McCotter if you have any questions.

Joys and Concerns

  1. A praise that Jill and Ryan Woodhouse have an addition to their family.  Jillian Fox was born on Monday!
  2. Please be in prayer for Sally Doyle as her father in law passed away last week.  His service was last Friday.
  3. Jennifer Roberson’s Mom is in the hospital with many health issues.

Thank Yous

  1. Thank you to all of the parents that helped provide food or money donations for our delicious pizza.  Thank you to the PSHP Friends for organizing this event as a way of showing our appreciation for our student teachers!
  2. Thank you to all for being patient as we work with Asbury to repair the issues from the flood on January 1. I was mistaken in what I thought they were doing.  The vinyl he was talking about was the vinyl put up on the walls in the hallway, not  on the floor.  The flooring will come in March, but hopefully won’t affect our Friday schedule.
  3. To everyone that helped us find a new location for our PSHP Banquet on March 3, especially Vickie Lawrence and Rachelle Barker and North Nixa Baptist Church.


If you need to download the Calendar:

PSHP SCHEDULE – MASTER 2017-2018 (2)