Music Notes for Friday: 5.3.2019

Notes for Friday, May 3, 2019

8:45-11:00       Jennifer Lambert, April Whittaker

11:00-1:00       Heather McClain, Edna Clingman

12:45-2:45       ???  Any volunteers

1:45-3:45         Twyla Willingham


Parent and Student Notes for Friday, May 3, 2019

  1. Please pay for your 3 weeks in May, plus your $7 church usage fees and $10 concert fees.The bill for the month of May will be for 3 weeks.  PSHP was scheduled to meet 29 times, but we missed 2 Fridays because of winter weather (January 11  , February 15).  You will only be billed for a total of 27 Fridays, which is 8 months at 3 weeks, plus May at 3 weeks to add up to the 27 Fridays.
  2. Combined practice at Noon in the Sanctuary for all high school students who have Behold Our God.
  3. See below for Saturday, May 4 performance details for Beginner Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra, Advance Intermediate Orchestra, and Bach Orchestra.
  4. Drum Set and Yearbook class will not meet this week.
  5. PLEASE tell your family members that NO Feminine Products are allowed in the Asbury toilets please.
  6. The Information Table has a new home and is located in the hallway at the desk as you walk in from the east covered entrance.  Check out the sign-ups at the counter!
  7. Beginner Orchestra students will all meet together in the Sanctuary.  This includes all of the violins, viola, cello, and harp students.
  8. Beginner Band and Intermediate Band classes will all meet together tomorrow at their respective times.  Beginner Band at 8:45 and Intermediate Band at 10:00
  9. Beginner Harp theory Classroom has changed rooms for the remainder of the year.  Please meet across the hall in the foyer area of the church office.
  10. 10.Yearbook Deadline

Friday, April 12 was the last day to order your PSHP Yearbook and receive free shipping.

Price is $17.03 for each book.

Orders placed from April 13 to May 3 will have additional shipping costs, but will be shipped to PSHP, orders placed May 4th or after will have additional shipping but will be shipped to your home address.

Check out the option to add 2 free student pages to personalize your yearbook with your own photos of the year.

Check out the website and use this pass code for PSHP:

Pass code:  1014740501293185

  1. Be sure to check the website for class assignments or bonus questions.   Each student ages 8-13 in the beginner or intermediate classes will receive a ticket for each 30 minutes of practice.  These tickets can be redeemed at the end of each semester for prizes.
  2. Invitation to attend Student Workshop on Friday, May 3 at 12:45 in Room 212

Student Workshop led by Dr. Heather Nelson and Kathy Love for those students that are interested in what it takes to be a music major or music minor in a college or university  and is open to any student or parents on Friday, May 3 at 12:45 in Room 212.

  1. Recorder students will be visiting the Beginner Band, Beginner Guitar,  and Beginner Orchestra classes tomorrow to get an idea of what is available for them to play next year.  We will also be having another Friday in June to give additional time and hands on for those students who wish to look at their instrument choices.  Friday, June 7 at 10:00 at Asbury.


New Students and New Families for Fall for PSHP

Please share this information with any friends or families who would be interested in learning more about Play and Sing His Praises Home school Music Classes.

We offer classes in orchestra, band, choir, guitar, recorder, harp, and Praise and Worship for Christian home school students ages 8-19.  Each student will receive two hours of instruction on each Friday with one hour in their performing class and one hour in music theory.

Please join us at an Open House to find out more:  Friday, May 3 at 9:15, 10:15, and 1:15 or Friday, May 10 at 9:15, 10:15, and 1:15.

Classes are held at Asbury Methodist Church, 1500 S. Campbell, 3 blocks north of Bass Pro.

Friday, June 7 at 10:00 am is a time to stop by and try instruments to see what is a good fit for the student.

This summer we will be having meetings for you to check us out and you will need to attend one of these meetings to register in August.  All of these will be at Asbury.

Thursday, June 20 at 7:00 pm

Tuesday, July 9 at 7:00 pm

Friday, August 16 at 2:00

Registration and Book Sale Day is Friday, August 23 at 11:00 for new families last names beginning A-L and 12:00 for new families last names beginning M-Z.

Check out our  website for more information or to email questions to the director, Kathy Love at


Found Item in Parking Lot

Did anyone have a guest named Loretta Kroft at contest?  Contact me as we found something in the parking lot that belongs to them.


Student Evaluations

All students will be evaluated in their performing classes and their theory classes over the next 3 weeks.  The written evaluations will be sent home with each student.  Some teachers will give tickets for returning their written evaluation with their parent’s signature.


DVD’s of Last Concerts on May 20 and May 21

Options for professional DVD recordings of the last concerts:

  1. Digital Download $20 for one night, $30 for two nights.
  2. Copied onto a dvd in a case:   $25 for one night, $35 for two nights.

These are high quality videos as Mr. Bergeon is a photographer and videographer and orders will be ready for pick-up on May 24 at the picnic.

Sign Up at the Information Table and leave payment in an envelope that will be provided.  Make checks out to Joseph Bergeon.



Please be mindful of our conservative dress guidelines as outlined in the Handbook as we have approached warmer weather.  No sleeveless shirts are allowed and shorts must be within 2 inches of your knees.  Thanks for your help in this matter.

Just a reminder that no children should be left unattended at Asbury when they are not in class if they are 12 and younger.  An older sibling that is at least 15, may be responsible for the younger sibling, if the older sibling is not in class at the time.  PSHP wants to make sure that everyone is safe on Fridays.  Our safety team is busy keeping watch over the building and grounds from non PSHP people.  Thanks for your attention to this.



  1. Thank you to Andrea McCotter and Sabrina McCotter for all of you organization into the graduation last Saturday, It was beautiful and fun all at the same time.  Many thanks to all of those that performed or helped out serving, bringing food,  or in the kitchen for the reception afterwards.
  2. Thank you to everyone that contributed to the yummy teacher luncheon last Friday.  We had a great summer BBQ and enjoyed homemade ice cream sundaes.
  3. Thank you to Dr. Heather Nelson for inviting Dr. Prescott from MSU theory department to music composition class last week.


Looking Ahead

Hall Monitor for Friday, May 10, 2019

8:45-11:00       Jennifer Lambert,  Amanda Amorose

11:00-1:00       Heather McClain

12:45-2:45       Kara Kaufman

1:45-3:45         Any volunteers



Calendar Reminders:

  1. Friday, May 3 12:45 to 1:40  Room 212   Please feel free to attend “Life of a Music Major”  for insights into what it takes to be a music minor or music major in college.  Dr. Heather Nelson and Kathy Love will be leading the discussion.
  2. Change of plans for Saturday, May 4!!!    Asbury Methodist is not having their bazaar, so we will not be performing there.  The beginner orchestra, intermediate orchestra, advance intermediate orchestra, and Bach Orchestra will be performing from 9:45-10:45 at Maranatha Chapel at 223 E. Norton Road.  Please arrive 20 minutes before your scheduled performance time; beginners and intermediates wear nice clothes, advance intermediate and Bach wear black or black and white  Bring your stands, music, and instrument.  Cellos bring your rockstops.

9:45     Beginner Orchestra

10:00   Intermediate Orchestra

10:15   Advance Intermediate Orchestra

10:30   Bach Orchestra

  1. 3.Friday, May 17 at 4:00 in the Sanctuary will be our Music Composition Recital.  All are invited to attend and hear the wonderful talent our of performers and composers under the direction of Dr. Heather Nelson.
  2. Friday, May 17    Adjusted class schedule at the end of the day:

2:45-3:20         Beethoven Orchestra

3:20-3:50         Brahms Orchestra

3:50                 Doors Open for Music Composition recital

  1. Monday, May 20 The Concert location for all of the younger classes will be at Asbury, 1500 S. Campbell.  This is a come and go concert, with no warm-up times.

6:00     Beginner Orchestra                                        7:00     Beginner Band

6:15     Recorders                                                        7:15      Intermediate Guitar

6:25     Younger Beginner Guitars                              7:25     Intermediate Orchestra

6:30     Older Beginner Guitars                                  7:40     Intermediate Band

6:40     Singers Choir                                                   7:55     Advance Intermediate Orchestra

6:50     Beginner Bells Class                                       8:10     Mezzo Choir

8:25     Bach Orchestra


  1. Tuesday, May 21  The Concert location for all of the older classes will be at Cherry Street Baptist Church, 1201 S. Oak Grove.  Concert starts at 6:00, with warm-ups starting at 4:30.
  2. Friday, May 24    PSHP Picnic and Year End Celebration at Smith Park, 1536 E. Division from 11:30-2:30.  Our security team will be grilling hotdogs and hamburgers and selling them at the picnic.  Please bring a side and a dessert to share.  The graduates will have a photo opportunity at Noon by the cake!!


Concerts to Attend

1 .  The Springfield Symphony is performing Star Wars music on Saturday night, May 11, at 7:30 at Hammons Hall on the campus on Missouri State University.  Tickets are $12.50 at the ticket office.


Prayer Concerns

  1. Angie Richardson and family
  2. The Campbell family, a homeschool family that is related to the Cymbaluks, and Jerusha (Hardin) Campbell’s in lost their home in a tornado Tuesday night.  The dad, Galin, is receiving cancer treatments and they were in Kansas City during the tornado, except for their one daughter,  Everyone is safe and sound.  They have set up a gofundme at    https://www.gofundme and search for Galin Campbell.  I can’t get the link to copy here at the moment.  It is also on my Facebook feed or you can donate at the Payment or Info Table Friday.
  3. Adrian and Gabriel Graves are in Texas as their great grandpa passed away and their great grandma’s brother passed away.
  4. Guthrie family, good news Kevin was released from the hospital and is recovering at home.
  5. Lisa Meendering’s brother in law is at Rochester, MN after a heart attack.
  6. Shari Wilder and family