Music Notes for Friday, 1.26.2017

Music Notes for Friday, January 26, 2018

Hall Monitors

8:45-11:00       Rebecca Tucker, Julia Guthrie

10:00-12:00     Shelly Tomlins

11:00-1:00       Cindy Faust, Nichole Gray

12:45-2:45       Ginger Nugent, Elizabeth Ouellette

1:45-3:45         Sarah Forrester


PSHP Board Member:  Shelly Burks



  1. All Beginner Band and Beginner Orchestra classes will meet in their smaller classes this week.
  2. Intermediate Band will meet in their smaller classes this week.
  3. Harp ensemble  students will be getting a new book in the next week.  It will be charged to your family account for the February fees.  The cost will be @$15 and has 50 songs in it.
  4. Year Book meets at Noon.
  5. PSHP T-shirts are for sale.  Check out the colors and info and sign up at the Information Table.  Your family account will be charged after we place the order, as there is a discount for more quantities.  In the past the shirts have been @$9.00.
  6. PSHP Banquet tickets for our An Evening Out, Saturday March 3 at 6:00 at Aldersgate Methodist in Nixa.  Cost is $15 per one ticket or $25 for two tickets. This would make a great Valentine’s Day gift.  Dinner choices of chicken fettuccine or pork steak.  Theme is the 1920’s.
  7. Apologies from me, as I forgot to send out Class Notes this week.



Extra Student Opportunites

  1. Sign up to play a solo for evaluation or to take a theory test at the optional Federation Festival on Saturday, March 24 at Evangel.  Each student can earn up to 5 points per event and after 15 points they earn a trophy or a gold cup.  See Kathy Love, Elizabeth Suh, or Suzannah Pugh for more information.  Most students play 2 solos.  One of the solos must be from a list and the other solo can’t appear on the list.  See the information table.  Any age is eligible.  Entry fee is $16 and the deadline to sign up is Friday, February 9.
  2. Any  high school student can sign up to play a solo or perform in an ensemble at the PSHP Banquet, on Saturday, March 3.  Sign up at the Information Table.


Concert Opportunities

  1. FREE Young People’s Concert performed by the Springfield Symphony Orchestra on Tuesday, January 30 at High Street Baptist Church at 900 N. Eastgate, near Hwy 65, between Division and Chestnut Expressway.  Times of the concerts are either at 11:15 or 1:00.  These are geared for the whole family. These concerts are right at an hour.