Music Notes for 3/29/2019

Please note that the schedule for the next two Fridays is very different than our normal Fridays.

Please print off the schedule as some times and rehearsal rooms have changed.

This Friday, March 29 is a pretend contest, a mock contest, to give each of the 25 groups a chance to be evaluated by someone other than their teacher.  Most of the groups will have a chance to practice walking into the Sanctuary and playing and getting feedback.

Hall Monitors for Friday, March 29, 2019

8:45-11:00       ANY Volunteers please!

11:00-1:00       Molly Rohall, Rebecca Tucker

12:45-2:45       Amanda Gann

1:45-3:45         Leslie Patterson


  1. The PSHP Friends’ will be posting a wish list of items that PSHP needs.You can find this near the new information table set-up and also on the PSHP website.
  2. The PSHP T-shirts are here and ready for pick-up at the Information Table.  Sorry I forgot to put that in the notes last week, but many of you found out on your own.
  3. Congratulations to all of the students that performed their solos and/or took theory tests at the National Federation of Music Clubs Junior Festival at Evangel.  We were very well represented.
  4. This is a Fundraiser Friday if you would like to participate.
  5. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Hand Me Around last week.  Many people were blessed.

March 29, 2019 Schedule for Mock PreContest Day

April 5 Contest Schedule

I will send out more specific information about the warm-up times for next week, but I do want you to have the scheduled contest time.  Each student will only have a warm-up and a specified contest performance time.  There will be no theory classes next week or any extra events besides for the judging of the 25 performing ensembles by professional musicians and area music teachers.  This is an incredible learning opportunity for our students and teachers.

9:00     Praise and Worship

9:20     Young Beginner Guitar

9:30     Older Beginner Guitar

9:40     Intermediate Guitar

9:55     Advance Guitar

10:10   Classical Guitar

10:30   Harp Ensemble

10:50   Recorder

11:00   Beginner Bells

11:10   Beginner Band

11:30   Intermediate Band

11:50   Adoration Band

12:10   Select Wind Ensemble

12:25   Jazz Ensemble

12:45-1:20     LUNCH BREAK

1:20     Percussion Ensemble

1:45     Singers Choir

2:00     Mezzo Choir

2:15     Concert Choir

2:40     Bel Canto

3:15     Bach Orchestra

3:35     Beginner Orchestra

3:50     Intermediate Orchestra

4:05     Advance Intermediate Orchestra

4:20     Beethoven Orchestra

4:45     Brahms Orchestra