Music Notes for 3.22.2019

Notes for Friday, March 22, 2019

8:45-11:00       Sarah Forrester, Veronica Kuschel

11:00-1:00       Linda Bowers

12:45-2:45       Jennifer Roach

1:45=3:45        Edna Clingman

Parent and Student Notes for Friday, March 22, 2019

  1. Please pay for your 3 weeks in March if you didn’t pay last week, plus your church usage fees.
  2. Today is a  PSHP Friend’s meeting at 12:45 in Room 203.  There is no Teacher Meeting this week.  Our next meeting will be April 26.
  3. Both Drum Set class and Yearbook class will meet this week.
  4. PLEASE tell your family members that NO Feminine Products are allowed in the Asbury toilets please.
  5. Please bring any items (clothes, books, etc.)  for the “Hand Me Around” tomorrow.  This is a way to bless others.  You may bring as many items as you wish and take any items.  These items are all free!
  6. All students who are performing a solo at Federation this Saturday, March 23 please be sure to get the actual room numbers for Saturday.  When you arrive at Evangel you just report to your performance room.  There are also some warm-up rooms if you want to practice first.  I will be sending information to you.  Also be sure to have an original score for the judge with all of the measures numbered.  Good luck and thank you for all of your hard work.
  7. The Information Table has a new home and is located in the hallway at the desk as you walk in from the east covered entrance.
  8. Beginner Orchestra students will all meet in the Sanctuary tomorrow.  This includes all of the violins, viola, cello, and harp students.
  9. Beginner Band classes will all meet together tomorrow at their respective times.  Beginner Band at 8:45 and Intermediate Band at 10:00
  10. We will have sign-ups for March through May volunteer opportunities at the Information Table.  Please stop by and look.
  11. 1Be sure to check the website for class assignments or bonus questions.   Each student ages 8-13 in the beginner or intermediate classes will receive a ticket for each 30 minutes of practice.  These tickets can be redeemed at the end of each semester for prizes.

Invitation to attend Music Composition Class Tomorrow for any interested students or family members

The Music Composition class will be meeting online with SSgt. Sarah Hart from the Marine Corps “President’s Own” string quartet. She’ll be talking specifically to the comp students about writing for string instruments, but she’ll also talk about her career in the military. Since there may be others interested in hearing her, we are inviting anyone who would like to visit our class to come in. We’ll start right at 1:45 in Room 212 so we can honor her time. Thank you Dr. Heather Nelson for arranging for this special event.


Just a reminder that no children should be left unattended at Asbury when they are not in class if they are 12 and younger.  An older sibling that is at least 15, may be responsible for the younger sibling, if the older sibling is not in class at the time.  PSHP wants to make sure that everyone is safe on Fridays.  Our safety team is busy keeping watch over the building and grounds from non PSHP people.  Thanks for your attention to this.


  1. Thank you to the students and teachers that have prepared for Federation, the optional music contest, at Evangel this Saturday.

Looking Ahead

Hall Monitor for Friday, March 29, 2019

8:45-11:00       Rebecca Tucker

11:00-1:00       Molly Rohall

12:45-2:45       Amanda Gann

1:45-3:45         Leslie Patterson

Calendar Reminders:

  1. 1.March 29 will have an adjusted schedule so watch for the email. This helps us prepare for music contest.
  2. 2.April 5 is our music contest for all 25 performing ensembles at Asbury.  Please save the whole day from 8:00-5:00 as the schedule will be very different.  More information soon.
  3. 3.PSHP Graduation is Saturday, April 27 at 2:30 at Asbury

Concerts to Attend

  1. The Springfield Symphony is performing Verdi’s Requiem this Saturday night, March 23, at 7:30 at Hammons Hall on the campus on Missouri State University. Tickets are $12.50 at the ticket office.  Four college choirs, Missouri State, Drury, Evangel and College of the Ozarks,  will be performing with us.
  2. You are cordially invited to the Patricia Pierce guest piano recital by Dr. Michael Kirkendoll this Sunday, March 24 at 3:30pm at Missouri State University. Dr.Kirkendoll is an award-winning pianist and is currently on the faculty at the University of Kansas. The recital will be held in the C. Minor Recital Hall in the Ellis Hall. Please share this information with your students and anyone who may be interested. Admission is free

Prayer Concerns

  1. Angie Richardson and family
  2. Shari Wilder and family
  3. Christina Davis and family
  4. Grandinetti family on the death of their uncle.