Music Notes for 3.1.2019

Please bring in any decorations labeled with your name for the banquet!

We could also use some more silent auction items.  Be creative and offer a service or a passion you have to others.  I am offering two half hour string lessons for two lucky people!

And please pray that the snow holds off on Saturday night until after everyone is home from the banquet!


Notes for Friday, March 1, 2019

8:45-11:00       Kimberly Vestal, Julie Guthrie

11:00-1:00       Gary Harris

12:45-2:45       Amber Jones, Noelle Burgess

1:45-3:45         Edna Clingman

Parent and Student Notes for Friday, March 1, 2019

  1. Please pay for your 3 weeks in March, plus your church usage fees.
  2. Teacher’s Meeting at 12:10 in Room 203.
  3. Parent’s class to learn how to create a high school transcript taught by Andrea McCotter at 12:45 in Room 203, directly after the teacher’s meeting.
  4. No Drum Set class tomorrow
  5. Yearbook Class will meet at noon.
  6. PLEASE tell your family members that NO Feminine Products in the Asbury toilets please.  Asbury’s sewer system doesn’t handle these well and we have had backups the last 2 Fridays.  The repair person found these items in the catch drain.  Thanks for your help!
  7. The Information Table has a new home and is located in the hallway at the desk as you walk in from the east covered entrance.
  8. Beginner Orchestra students will meet in their smaller classes tomorrow.  This includes all of the violins, viola, cello, and harp students.
  9. Beginner and Intermediate Band classes will be in their separate classes tomorrow at their respective times.  Beginner Band at 8:45 and Intermediate Band at 10:00.
  10. We will have sign-ups for March through May volunteer opportunities at the Informati