Music History Assignments for 12.1.2017

Music History Assignments for 12.1.2017

This week’s Powerpoint and an accompanying document will be posted to the WordPress site. The password for this week is Dunstable. I am still learning how to upload to that website and will be adding links to videos in the next couple of days, so please check back often.

In lieu of a quiz in two weeks, please choose a composer from the following list and prepare a two minute overview of their life and career. Please email me your selection so that I can make sure we don’t have multiple people researching the same composer. My email address isĀ Please use three online sources, of which Wikipedia can be one. Other sources to check include Google Scholar, Grove Music Online, and Encyclopedia Britannica. Note that some composers may have names with alternate spellings.

Johannes Ockeghem

Jacob Obrecht

Josquin Deprez

Heinrich Isaac

Jean Mouton

Pierre de La rue

Arian Willaert

Nicolas Gombert

Jacob Clement

Pedro de Escobar

Cristobal de Morales


Heather R. Nelson, PhD

Singing Voice Specialist

Voice Teacher