Music History Assignments for 10.6.2017

Music History Assignments for 10.6.2017
Visit the WordPress site for this week’s PowerPoint. This week’s lesson is the “Ecclesiastical Chant” ( link. If you’ve lost or forgotten the password please text or email me using the contact information on your syllabus.
Things to note:
Be sure to look over the PP in its entirety as well as the listening examples.
Think through these questions. Keep in mind these are YOUR thoughts. Not something we specifically discussed in class or came out of a text. Any of these may or may not appear on the quiz:
Speculate: If the Church hadn’t been the center of community and education, who, if anyone, do you think might’ve done so?
What are some advantages of using modes as opposed to major/minor scales?
Discuss the benefits of setting the church texts and scriptures to music.