Music Contest this 4.20.2018 at Asbury

Music Contest this Friday, April 20 at Asbury

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note to please print and read the schedule for this Friday, April 20 very carefully.

All 24 performing classes will perform for evaluation on Friday.

No theory classes will meet this week.

As a teacher, this is one of the most important days of the year!  This is a tremendous learning experience for all students and teachers.

I know it is an inconvenience from your normally compact Friday schedule, especially if you have many children taking multiple classes, but it is worth it!

Thank you ahead of time for understanding the benefits of music performances being rated by music professionals with both written and verbal comments.

You are welcome to come hear our performance in the Asbury Sanctuary, but the Sanctuary will need to remain quiet.

Students are expected to wear their concert dress clothes as printed in the Handbook.

On the schedule is listed a warm-up time and room for each group, as well as when to report back to their room.  Some of the older students in older classes will warm-up 2 hours before their performance in order for the teacher to warm up all of their groups.

Contest Day Schedule for April 20, 2018 w-ups & judges


Yearbook Deadline

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Price is $17.03 for each book.

Orders placed after April 23 will have additional shipping costs, but will be shipped directly to your home address.

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