Intermediates Band from 9/30

Intermediates Band from 9/30
·         Sorry – Posted late due to me (Dan) sending late email.
·         Parent update slips were given out today.  Please sign and return for extra practice tickets.
·         Hark the Herald Angels Sing & A Christmas Rose, PLEASE BEGIN
·         Film Favorites My Heart Will Go On, band arrangement pages
·         Rhythm a Week books, Units 6-7, add 8 & 9
·         Band Book 1 –pg 34-35, pg 40 1-4 (Review Bb) –Eb concert exercises 1-4
·         Class together for band 10/7 – Bring all books
·         Web bonus – come to class with your sheet music for “Hark the Herald Angels Sing” and “A Christmas Rose” either taped/stapled into your band books, or in a 3-ring binder.