Intermediate Band: Oboe Assignments for 2.9.2018

Intermediate Band – Oboe

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Needed materials:

  • Oboe swab (long, thin, usually silk cloth to clean out your instrument).
  • Minimum of 2 GOOD reeds
  • Tuner (I prefer stand-alone [not smartphone/internet], chromatic tuners. Clip-on are fine.)
  • Oboe neck strap to alleviate wrist pain. Here’s the one I recommend (Sold in music stores and many other places online as well.)

This Week’s Assignment:

EE Book 2 pages 8-9.

Patriotic Favorites – Battle Hymn
Movie Favorites – You’ll Be In My Heart

Read this blog for an explanation on dynamics and the Oboe: Practice these exercises using her methods.


Practice smart!

Successful practice time:

  1. Quiet space
  2. All materials present
  3. Good Posture
  4. Warm up with deep breaths for 1-2 minutes (10 seconds in, 10 seconds out)

Successful music practice:

  1. Look for time signature, key signature(s), tempo(s), dynamics, and accidentals.
  2. Clap, tap, or buzz rhythm before playing.
  3. Silently finger/position through the piece in tempo.
  4. Play through the exercise.
  5. If you can play through it 4x without a mistake you have mastered it.



Music History

Visit the WordPress site for this week’s PowerPoint. This week’s lesson is the “Eighteenth Century Preclassic Music.” If you’ve lost or forgotten the password please text or email me using the contact information on your syllabus.

If you want to watch again, here is the video about Sonata Form:

Things to note:

Be sure to look over the PP in its entirety as well as the listening examples.

Assignment for next week:

Listen to all excerpts on the site and prepare for a quiz over them on Friday.